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Money Hungry Agents Are Ruining Our Great Game

paul stretford

In the last few years, and because of all of the greed that has entangled itself with it, football has become anything but beautiful. Manchester United is often seen as the evil empire of the football world that has tampered with the beautiful game, but even that jealousy-filled hatred has taken a backseat to all of the other turmoil surrounding the sport.

There can be no questioning of the fact that modern-day football is being heavily influenced by the greediness of ill-advised owners, corrupt agents and very ungracious players, which is combining ever-so-well to send the game into a downward tailspin.

Managers, like Sir Alex Ferguson, should be clumped into the fan category, because they eat, breathe and sleep the success of the club, and if they don’t do that, then they are more than likely on the revolving door exit from that club.

The recent firings of some very capable managers, and the revelation that some self-centered players, who are under quite lucrative, long-term contracts, linking themselves away from their respective clubs, is paltry and needs to come to an end, or the English game will be playing second fiddle to some of the other leagues.

In what seems to be ages ago now, sport used to be used as an escape for its fans to get away from the rest of the troubles that were lining their personal or professional life, but lately it has had the reverse effect, because of the involvement of corrupt cutthroat conmen.

It has been evident for quite some time that all of the owners of Barlcays Premier League clubs only care about the bottom line of their respective profit and loss statement, but now some of them think that they have the credentials to run every aspect of the club as well.

These tyrants are taking the football world by storm with their unfounded ways of conducting business which has seen the agents making a lot more money in order for them to get their player.

This conduct should be considered to be seen forbidden, because they are damaging the game at an alarming rate, and that concern is dramatically heightened by the unwanted involvement by player’s agent.

These ravenous, self-loathing twits serve as the real issue within football, because they not only hold a football club ransom to make a penny, but they also misleading their clients as well.

Football was subjected to two unneeded disturbance with both the Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez “I want out” sagas as their agents Paul Stretford and Kia Joorabchian clouded their heads with thoughts of playing for another club, and did their best to muddy the waters at their current clubs.

After the Rooney debacle came to an end, Sir Alex said that Stretford, and agents like him, was not welcomed at Old Trafford, and you cannot blame him, either.

People, if you can call them that, like Stretford and Joorabchian are only worried about how much money that Rooney or Tevez will bring them, and not the other way around. These unforgiving agents are deceiving their over-trusting, simple-minded players to think that they are, or should be, their one-and-only advisors.

However, the most surprising part is that these footballers actually hang on to their advisors each and every word as though they have just walked over water. Now what needs to happen is that these other uneducated, poorly advised players, is to learn from both the Tevez and Rooney situations, or they, themselves, will be left with their tail between their legs.

It has been reported for quite a while that modern-day players are a bit soft compared to a couple of decades ago, and with Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas’ comment that his fellow teammates are scared of losing, definitely cements that observation.

Players today are very fragile, and seem to sway whichever the wind is blowing, and, unfortunately, it is never going to stop until book learning instruction becomes a part of their football education. A lot of players are not given the core education foundation that is needed for them to make decisions for themselves, which is why they are being constantly manipulated by their and forcing issues with their clubs.

At Manchester United, their players at least have the wise Sir Alex Ferguson to rely upon, but at some of these less fortunate clubs footballers are left to rue their foolish decisions.

Submitted by The United Religion

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