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How would the current Championship teams fare in the EPL?

Here we look at how some of the clubs in the Championship would fare if they were promoted to the Premier League.


The Championship or the EFL as it is also called has been considered the toughest league in England. We have seen relegated sides drop down into league and either be relegated again or struggle to reach the playoffs. The reason for this is because the Championship teams can be tough and know there is a prestigious prize up for grabs; the chance to be play in the premier league so everything is really competitive. Not only that, but there are some incredible youngsters and flamboyant players to grace the EFL division. So if they were to reach the EPL how would they fare?

The top half (1-12)

The top half of the Championship contains some teams that had their own glory days in the EPL, the likes of Newcastle, Leeds, Fulham and Reading all finished all finished at one point in the top half of the table with Leeds and Newcastle challenging for Champions league and title glory. This is why think Newcastle would fare the best out of the all the Championship teams, no disrespect to the other sides, but Newcastle are too much of a ‘big’ club to be in that league. Now they have a competent manager, I think they will hold their own in the top flight. In addition to Newcastle, I also believe that Leeds, Norwich, Fulham and maybe Sheffield Wednesday will fare okay because they have either been there and know how much of a harsh place it is, or they have a good enough squad to fight a good relegation battle. On the other hand, the likes of Brighton, Huddersfield, Barnsley, Bristol and Birmingham will fare less because I feel they’ll either be too new to the league (not counting Birmingham) therefore finding it harder to adapt or the squads are too inconsistent. This being said Birmingham have an odd history in the EPL they’ve gone on to beat Arsenal 2-1 in the Carling Cup final but then become a yo-yo club in the terms of being promoted and relegated season after season. I could be completely wrong but seeing the top half play, that’s how I feel they would far out, but that’s just personal opinion.

The bottom half (13-24)

There are some interesting clubs in the bottom half of the table; you got Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Wigan athletic and Wolverhampton who again had their better days in the EPL. It’s crazy to think how quickly a club can decline from the EPL; look at Portsmouth for example. Anyway, I reckon now Villa have Steve Bruce, who I think is a solid manager, will fare the best out of the bottom half clubs. Similar to Newcastle, Villa are a big club and despite their recent setbacks in the EPL and they should be up there at least challenging for mid-table. To join Villa, I think Nottingham Forest, Preston (possibly) and QPR are the only teams that could stand their ground in the EPL, the rest you’re looking at a 19th/20th finishing position.

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