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The Curious Case of Andrei Arshavin…

andrei arshavin

It’s really odd that no one really care about an issue which may just be very crucial to our dear club. Now I don’t blame anybody because the only reason we have kept shut about it is because no harm was done.

It reminded me about that series “Prison Break”, and even AW did comment that it was a ‘getting out of jail” experience for the Gunners…But forget that, yeah you read it right, FORGET what happened against Leeds on Sunday. Lets focus on one “little” segment of the match….

When Andrei Arshavin stepped onto the pitch at the Emirates, we demanded a performance from the Russian. Now thats obvious because the guy is a top quality player, and Leeds is a team which should not really cause a problem for him, no offense!…But as we reached the 80th min mark that afternoon, everything the guy touched became crap. His passes were going hay-wire, he lost possession of the ball constantly, and he never tracked back when he lost the ball. He was a douche, if you want me to put it politely.

Here are his stats of the the game against Leeds:

  • Pass completion % = 81.6 %
  • Forward half pass completion % = 93.9 %
  • 3 tackles successfully won.

Now I know AA23 is no Rooney or Tevez. Why? Don’t ask me, ask him. The best reason I can give you is to ask why Berbatov is so lazy to a United fan. But coming back to the point, this is an issue where we Gooners honestly want him to improve.  We all want to see the guy who charges forward with the ball, takes the occasional shot, and tracks back incase he loses possession.

BUT here is the problem. Arshavin is a guy who is likely to do everything but not to track back. Moreover, he is 29, and shall turn 30 this year. You see there are some players who do have some qualities which are good and bad, for instance Rooney works a lot, but at the same time he may just kill you if you get the ball off him! Ronaldo is a top class player but if you push him, he may just fly out of the stadium. Now these are some aspects of the game which no one likes, but can these players get rid of it..NO! They can’t.

Now I may sound really stupid, but let’s see this logically. Berbatov has been in United for 3 years, and I am sure that in those 3 years he has definitely been criticed for being a ‘Stroller.’ I mean come on there has to be one day in which he opened the Guardian and saw an article about him being lazy, or someone may have told him he is lazy. But have you seen any real change in Berbatov, NO…Don’t belive me, ask an United Fan.

Arshavin is lazy, no one will argue with that, but the guy does track back ‘sometimes’, and he does press. He does work hard sometimes, and one should give him credit for that. You may ask yourself why we should give him credit for something he is supposed to do. But the point is that he never does it. We tend to thank people when they do things which are not expected of them, hence this is the case with Andrei ! It’s not that I am completely for AA23, and I like most Gooners do feel that he should work harder. He misses chances, and against Leeds he was dreadful. But if we don’t back up the guy, he will leave us, and I’m sure nobody in his right mind wants him to do that.

I’m sure you heard a person saying that ‘keep AA23 on’ as he is a guy who can show some moment of brilliance and save our *** ! Now that’s because he has done it in the past. Remember Anfield when we were 2-1 down, and the guy just showed up on the left, and rammed a shot past Reina’s left ! Lets face it, nobody expected that… Even last season at the same place, when he got the ball away from Johnson, and smashed the ball in the net, Reina didn’t move ! As I said, I am not for AA23 always, and even I do feel that he should work ‘harder’ sometimes, but the guy doesn’t always do it. Yeah, when he works hard, he works hard, but to put in that extra effort, you know to run back 30 yards, and press a midfielder is something he does not usually do…SO when he does it, and mind you he does do it ‘sometimes’, lets applaud him. Probably he’ll like it and start doing it more often ! We all know what fans do can really affect a player. Imagine Eboue’s situation with Arshavin all over again…its really sad, that those bastards who booed him are allowed in the stadium again!

Get behind Andrei becasue he needs our support…Don’t be a bitcher and say “oh no why the hell is he comin on.” The guy is a magnificent player or AW would never have paid more than 14 ml to sign him.

Be a Real Goooner, be a guy who shows faith in his players and his team…Don’t be a piece of Horse-****.



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