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Spurs Give United A Helping Hand & WHL Protest Arranged

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Why do Spurs have a habit of shooting themselves in the foot? I’m all for positive thinking and the press will always ask you questions like, “do you think you can beat United on Sunday?”, but it’s how we answer those questions that seem to help opposition managers with their team talks.

We all know Sunday is a big game and with our home record and United’s away record there’s a chance we could win. Of course, recent history of us bottling it and them raising their game every time the two teams meet would suggest otherwise but there’s definitely a chance.

We know that and they know that. What we don’t need to be doing is telling them we know that. We’ve done it countless times before, usually just before we play Arsenal by saying what a great squad we’ve got and how we can beat them only to once again let ourselves down. Just look at our recent victories over that lot and you’ll notice the one thing we didn’t do was talk ourselves up too much before the game. We let our football do the talking which is the way to go. I imagine one of the toughest things for a manager to do nowadays is motivate a team of millionaires who have gone unbeaten so far this season in the league. It shouldn’t be, but I bet it is. So what do we do? We lend Fergie a helping hand with both van der Vaart and the usually ever so shy and retiring Redknapp speaking in the press:

Rafa said: “I think we are good enough to win the title. We have the squad to do it,” said the Dutch forward. “We also have to respect the little teams, but I think we will beat United on Sunday.”

I’m presuming he’s not calling United a little team but he’s definitely saying we WILL beat them. Not we could beat them but we WILL. Although that’s nothing really compared to what Mr Redknapp had to say in his column in that filth of a paper:

“As good as they are I do not think they are good enough to go through the whole season unbeaten. Even if they win the Premier League title this season, Arsenal are the original invincible’s and their record is going to stay intact.

“Of course, I’d love it if it will be my Tottenham team that ends United’s unbeaten run on Sunday and we have a chance of doing it. It’s not as if United are Barcelona or Real Madrid who are on another planet to everyone else.

“We can bring them down to earth and for the sake of the title race I bet everyone who doesn’t support Man Utd will be hoping we do.”

If you’re Alex Ferguson, not only have a you got a side that’s unbeaten and looking to win the title but you’ve been given all you need to prepare your team for the trip. He’ll know it’ll be a tough game as will his players but when they read that they’ll be making that extra effort. Something we can do without.

Can we beat United? There’s no doubt in my mind we can. I just hope we back up our off the field chat with on the field goals. A proper match preview will follow at some point.

Moving away from the game but onto matters regarding the new stadium once again, there will be a demo outside the main gates on Bill Nic way at 1pm on Sunday before the game. This demonstration has not been organised by the group WeAreN17 but members will be in attendance. It will be a peaceful protest to let the board know our feelings on the potential move to Stratford so please feel free to join and be heard.


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