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Give youth a chance in the FA Cup

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It is quite clear from his team selection that Arsene considers the FA Cup the lowest of his priorities this season. Whereas in previous years, he has taken much pride in this competition, he has forsaken this Cup for the sake of a lesser competition but one which we have a better chance of winning at this stage. Even with the defeat at Portman Road last week, you would reckon that the Gunners have what it takes to turn the tie around next week at the Emirates.

Although I understand the rationale, I don’t think I agree with his stance. I believe we are capable of competing for all four competitions¬† and putting up a good fight. Of course, we would need to rotate some of the players but Arsene needs to motivate the back-up players for them to show that they have what it takes to carry the team in the absence the star players.

It is not as if the back-up players are full of young, starry eyed teenagers. Most of the players on the bench are full international who just have not been performing to their capabilities. I am very dissapointed with Rosicky, Arshavin, Bendtner and Vela. These players, especially Bendtner, have been moaning about lack of playing time but when they are given the opportunity, they fluff it. I say, let’s give the reserves a chance if these senior back-up players do not have the stomach for the fight.

We have an abundance of players just waiting in the wings. Normally we would blood these players in the Carling Cup but this year we have a real chance of winning so Arsene has taken less risk in that. So the FA Cup remains the only competition this season where we can show off the youth pipeline. If it were me, I would play Lansbury instead of Rosicky, Jay Emmanual Thomas  (now gone on loan to Cardiff) instead of Bendtner and Craig Eastmond instead of Denilson.

Another thing that Arsene needs to beware of is making too many changes to the team. It was clear that having 7 changes to the regular team affect the performance so let’s keep the core of the team and rotate only the necessary. We have an equal chance with anybody in the FA Cup and I would not sacrifice it at this stage for any competition.

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  1. Aaron

    January 18, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Not agreeing with you on much of it. He does care about the competition but needed to rotate after the previous game and he has faith in his back ups, Rosicky has been fine in the midfield I don’t understand your criticism, just because he doesn’t score doesn’t make him a deadly midfielder, it has been the players around him failig him. Lansbury has been hurt recently and probably isn’t even 100% and Eastmond…? honestly, hes not good enough and won’t make it at Arsenal, Once Frimpong gets back from injury Eastmond will end up just like Mark Randall, loaned out until his contract runs out. He cares about the FA Cup but when he’s almost to the final he needs to look at that and its the players own faults for not easily disposing of Leeds

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  3. arsene-al

    January 19, 2011 at 1:00 am

    sorry mate but im not following either..your argument doesn’t have much backbone, and iv never heard rosicky or arsha complaining about not being in the squad, even vela barely opens his mouth. im not one to judge but it seems like you just have to find something to complain about. wengers been playing the youth in the carling and fa for the past few years and everyone complains, he puts in a better team now that we have a good chance of winning and people still complain. fact is we’re competing in 3 competitions that we really have a chance to take, all this with our team playing musical chairs with injuries..and yet people have to complain. there’s just no winning with some peopl

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