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Why FIFA’s Fatma Samoura Thinks Soccer Can Change The World

Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura is the FIFA Secretary General who believes that the sport of soccer has the ability to change the world.

Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura is the FIFA Secretary General who believes that the sport of soccer has the ability to change the world. There are countless fans and professionals within the sport who would heartily agree with her perspective. Soccer for many becomes a lifestyle. Players find satisfaction and fulfillment in their participation in the sport, fans are entertained and impressed with the skill they observe and the online betting community is lighting up with wagers and huge profits in the form of commerce and payouts.

How soccer positively impacts society

There is an inherent power within the sport to transform local communities within disaster prone countries and create advantages for the people who live there. Teams made up of celebrity athletes serve as inspirations that unify people from all backgrounds regardless of race, gender or religious beliefs. Samoura has been active in humanitarian relief efforts for over twenty years. She has personally witnessed the power of the sport to bring unity and foster positive changes on a societal level.

Passion sparks economic growth

Fans who are passionate about the sport are willing to invest millions in betting on their favorite teams. This is good news for the sports betting industry in Africa, which is experiencing a huge boom in business. It has a trickle down effect because of national support for the industry and the reciprocal efforts of members of the business who give back to the communities. It’s a huge economic boost that comes at a badly needed time. New online slots companies offer world class online gaming and betting which bring in revenue that contributes to the massive evolution of sports betting market that is currently on the upswing.

FIFA’s Role

FIFA is a powerful organization that collaborates with hundreds of smaller agencies and organizations to boost morale, encourage participation and to open up opportunities for all people, regardless of physical ability, religion, gender or social status. Soccer is a sport that they’ve targeted for use in special programs. Opening access to the sport for everyone will enhance the support of and profitability of soccer. Inclusion brings people together in a meaningful way that leads to true reform inclusive of changes in attitudes as well as offering hope for a better quality of life. The approach aims to create an economically sustainable industry through inclusion of everyone.

Encouraging women athletes

Embracing diversity is a key concept for eliciting lasting change. Supporting the role of women in sports is seen as a cornerstone for the current reform efforts. A new division within FIFA seeks to enhance the development of women’s soccer within a traditionally male dominated sport. This movement will create new opportunities within the industry, but it’s going to take work and the cooperative efforts of multiple agencies to bring the plans to fruition. FIFA officials recognize that soccer presents them with an opportunity to take advantage of a huge growth potential that could have dramatically positive results for everyone involved. At this Fall’s October FIFA Council meeting, the agenda will include work on a proposal to expand opportunities for encouragement, development and competitive events in preparation for a future world league women’s team.

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