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World Cup 2018 Fixtures and TV Schedule

This article will include all you need to know about this year’s World Cup including fixtures, broadcasting channels and insider predictions

world cup 2018

The biggest sporting event is almost upon us and everyone is gearing up for the kick off later this month. The FIFA World Cup is being hosted in Russia, kicking off on the 14th June. It’s still not too late to catch a flight and watch the action live if you really wanted too! 32 nations will being show-casing their talents in the hope of being named the greatest football nation in the World. Teams are currently working on their tactics and playing friendly matches as we warm up for the great event.

This article will include all you need to know about this year’s World Cup including fixtures, broadcasting channels and insider predictions taken from the most relevant Fifa betting tips.

Broadcasting Channels:

  • Europe & UK Channels: BBC and ITV (GMT+1)
  • USA Channels: FOX (GMT+1)
  • African Channels: SuperSports and StarTimes (GMT+1)

2018 FIFA World Cup Fixtures 14 June – 15 July:

Group Stages

Thursday 14 June

Russia vs Saudi Arabia (Group A) – 4pm

Friday 15 June

Egypt vs Uruguay (Group A) – 1pm
Morocco vs Iran (Group B) – 4pm
Portugal vs Spain (Group B) – 7pm

Saturday 16 June

France vs Australia (Group C) – 11am
Argentina vs Iceland (Group D) – 2pm
Peru vs Denmark (Group C) – 5pm
Croatia vs Nigeria (Group D) – 8pm

Sunday 17 June

Costa Rica vs Serbia (Group E) – 1pm
Germany vs Mexico (Group F) – 4pm
Brazil vs Switzerland (Group E) – 7pm

Monday 18 June

Sweden vs South Korea (Group F) – 1pm
Belgium vs Panama (Group G) – 4pm
Tunisia vs England (Group G) –  7pm

Tuesday 19 June

Colombia vs Japan (Group H) – 1pm
Poland vs Senegal (Group H) – 4pm
Russia vs Egypt (Group A) – 7pm

Wednesday 20 June

Portugal vs Morocco (Group B) – 1pm
Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (Group A) – 4pm
Iran vs Spain (Group B) – 7pm

Thursday 21 June

Denmark vs Australia (Group C) – 1pm
France vs Peru (Group C) – 4pm
Argentina vs Croatia (Group D) – 7pm

Friday 22 June

Brazil vs Costa Rica (Group E) – 1pm
Nigeria vs Iceland (Group D) – 4pm
Serbia vs Switzerland (Group E) – 7pm

Saturday 23 June

Belgium vs Tunisia (Group G) – 1pm
South Korea vs Mexico (Group F) – 4pm
Germany v Sweden (Group F) – 7pm

Sunday 24 June

England vs Panama (Group G) – 1pm
Japan vs Senegal (Group H) – 4pm
Poland vs Colombia (Group H) – 7pm

Monday 25 June

Uruguay vs Russia (Group A) – 3pm
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (Group A) – 3pm
Spain vs Morocco (Group B) – 7pm
Iran vs Portugal (Group B) – 7pm

Tuesday 26 June

Denmark vs France (Group C) – 3pm
Australia vs Peru (Group C)  – 3pm
Nigeria vs Argentina (Group D) – 7pm
Iceland vs Croatia (Group D) – 7pm

Wednesday 27 June

South Korea vs Germany (Group F) – 3pm
Mexico vs Sweden (Group F) – 3pm
Serbia vs Brazil (Group E) – 7pm
Switzerland vs Costa Rica (Group E) – 7pm

Thursday 28 June

Japan vs Poland (Group H) – 3pm
Senegal vs Colombia (Group H) – 3pm
England vs Belgium (Group G) – 7pm – ITV
Panama vs Tunisia (Group G) – 7pm

Round of 16

Saturday 30 June

Group C winner vs Group D runner-up – 3pm (Match 50)
Group A winner vs Group B runner-up- 7pm (Match 49)

Sunday 1 July

Group B winner vs Group A runner-up – 3pm (Match 51)
Group D winner vs Group C runner-up – 7pm (Match 52)

Monday 2 July

Group E winner vs Group F runner-up – 3pm (Match 53)
Group G winner vs Group H runner-up – 7pm (Match 54)

Tuesday 3 July

Group F winner vs Group E runner-up – 3pm (Match 55)
Group H winner vs Group G runner-up – 7pm (Match 56)


Friday 6 July

Winner match 49 vs Winner match 50 – 3pm (Match 57)
Winner match 53 vs Winner match 54 – 7pm (Match 58)

Saturday 7 July

Winner match 55 vs Winner match 56 – 3pm (Match 60)
Winner match 51 vs Winner match 52 – 7pm (Match 59)


Tuesday 10 July

Winner match 57 vs Winner match 58 – 7pm (Match 61)

Wednesday 11 July

Winner match 59 vs Winner match 60 – 7pm (Match 62)

Third place play-off

Saturday 14 July

Loser match 61 vs Loser match 62 – 3pm


Sunday 15 July


Insider Predictions


Brazil hosted the World Cup in 2014 and they will be pushing to win this year after losing to Germany in on home turf. Odds are that Brazil are among the favourites and will be viciously to make up for that disappointment.


In the same case, Germany will be desperate to make sure they retain the trophy and land consecutive wins following on from their success at the 2014 World Cup.


Argentina struggled to qualify but they got the job done and with Lionel Messi in the team, they can’t be overlooked. He needs to cement his status as one of the best players to have ever played the game and the pressure is on for the Barcelona star to perform on the biggest stage of all.


A team which has been an underdog for many years, Belgium are enjoying a golden age with the likes of Kevind De Bruyne, Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku helping them become one of the best teams in the world.


France are among the favourites to win the World Cup 10 years after their triumph in Paris. The French have a squad packed with talent so with the likes of Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann in their ranks, they are expected to make a huge impact in Russia.

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