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A Guide To Premier League Betting

Take advantage of the popularity of the Premier League and learn how to bet on Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and all the famous teams in England.


The Premier League is arguably the best football league in the world. Formed in 1992, the tournament constitutes of 20 clubs that compete for points in a regular season. It’s the most valuable brand in Europe with revenues estimated to be worth €5.6 billion. Spanish La Liga and Germany’s Bundesliga follow closely in brand value.

For sports bettors, the top English league constitutes of some of the best teams to predict on. Dozens of goals are scored every week. Teams are super-competitive and predicting the outright victor can be difficult. But thanks to the league’s popularity, all the biggest betting sites offer a wide variety of wagers for Premier league games.

If you just started betting, take advantage of the league’s global popularity. Learn how to bet on Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and all the famous teams in England.

How the League Works

The league starts mid-August every year and ends in May. There are 20 teams that must play 38 games in each season, facing the same opponent twice. Like any soccer match, a win in the premier league earns a team three points. If a match ends in a draw, each team gets one point. A loss attracts zero points.

To earn the prestigious Barclays title, teams compete to garner the most points in a regular season. A few teams have reached 90 points or more during the league’s history. Arsenal FC completed the league without a loss in the 2003/04 season. Manchester broke records to win the league with 100 points in the 2017/18 season. Still, with top sides competing in the Champions League, Europa League, and other local tournaments, the league’s winner is hardly predictable.

At the end of every season, the last three teams are relegated to England’s second highest league. The best three clubs from the championship are promoted in return. While it’s called the English league, teams from Wales can also participate but they must pass through the lower ranks first. Swansea and Cardiff are the only Welsh franchises to ever participate in the league.

Betting Tips and Statistics

Betting is a scientific process as much as luck is needed to win. A team’s quality of players, dedication, injuries, and other factors may determine winners. If you are like most bettors, you bet for fun. You love football and your favorite team plays in the premier league. Maybe you can name top players in the league but to predict correctly, you need the help of experts.

There are several platforms dedicated to betting tips for premier league sides. Each week, you can find match predictions and analyses. Find out team’s performance histories, injury reports, and lineups before you make predictions. SportyTrader’s Premier League betting tips is a free platform with seasoned experts. While you don’t get win guarantees, the platform offers the type of analysis necessary to make informed decisions.

Betting Odds

All around the world, most bookies offer premier league odds. The wagers may resemble those of other countries, but the English top league is highly competitive. Almost everything happening in the league can be wagered. You can predict which team will win the league before it starts. Bet on the number of corners per game or who emerges the highest scored in a regular season.

Understanding the different odds and teams’ competitiveness can help maximize your profits in the league.

  • Win, draw, win—bet whether the home team wins, draws or loses. Usually, bets are marked 1X2, with 1 for a home win, 2, visitors win and X for a draw.
  • Double chance—offers lower odds but increases win rate. Predict two possible outcomes: 1X, X2, or 1/2.
  • Draw no bet-predict 1 or 2 to win but if the match ends in a draw, the bet is nullified.
  • Over/Under-wager a bet based on the number of goals scored. Three goals or more constitutes a bet of over 2.5 Two goals or fewer is constituted by under 2.5.
  • Both teams to score-You win when both teams score at least one goal each.
  • Handicap—bet offers an advantage to teams thought to be weaker.

Most bettors concentrate only on a few of the wagers. Take advantage of free bonuses on SportyTrader’s signup offer lists and bet without risking your money. Once you get accustomed, follow the league and make research-based predictions.

Multiple Bets

Football fans find the premier league addictive. Results are unpredictable. Big teams lose to weak teams regularly. If you love football and bet constantly, the league may turn you into a multi-bet kind of guy. But that’s okay if you know what you are doing.

A multi-bet constitutes of two or more teams. You can back up to 20 teams and your odds will skyrocket to the hundreds. In many cases, premier league jackpots are formatted in a multi-bet system. An average jackpot could have 15 predictions. The winner must get all teams right. Occasionally, bonuses are awarded to players who get 10-14 predictions correctly.

Live-In Games

Betfair was the first bookie in Europe to support live-bets for premier league sides. The system works in that you bet as a match goes on. It’s a great format for football fans as you get to cheer teams and wager on them.

So, you think Liver Pool can overturn a half-time 2-goal deficit into a win? Log into your favorite bookie sites and make the prediction. The downside to live-play bets is that odds change on a minute by minute basis. You must follow the match closely to predict correctly.

Watching a game on TV makes it easier to predict. But if you are not close to a TV, your phone can be your companion. There are multiple apps that offer match analyses and commentaries. The experience will be different from watching a game, but you can still make predictions.

To Conclude

Almost every bookie that supports sports betting offers odds for the premier league. Globally respected, English teams constitute of two-thirds of the world’s top 20 most valuable football franchises. League matches are aired all over the world and hundreds of goals are scored every season.

If you just started betting, consider investing in England’s top sides. You will enjoy the football and have fun predicting from any part of the world.

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