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Reina: Torres was Right To Leave

Pepe Reina Pepe Reina of Liverpool stretches during a training session ahead of their UEFA Europa League Group K match against Utrecht at Melwood Training Ground on December 14, 2010 in Liverpool, England.

When you hand a transfer request in to your club who have supported you, stayed loyal to you, sang your name and made excuses for your inconsistencies and bad form, you might expect a bad reaction. So when Fernando Torres did just that, Liverpool fans were not the happiest – with the overriding feeling of utter disappointment and in some cases, the burning of his number 9 red shirt.

He will be facing his former team mates on today, and, playing in blue, the Spanish star will be trying his utmost to do something that he has struggled to do all season; score a goal – or even, just to play well. He will therefore, be aiming to get the ball past Pepe Reina in the Liverpool goal. It may be surprising then, that Reina is actually in support of Torres’ move away from Liverpool.

The goalkeeper said:

“He decided to leave because he thought it was an opportunity to keep growing as a player and we have to respect that. Some of the people are saying he’s being disrespectful with Liverpool, but all that Fernando gave to Liverpool was huge.”

“He grew up as a Liverpool player and Liverpool has also grown as he’s been a player on the team. At the end of the day, it’s daily business, players come and go. It’s the club and supporters who are the most important thing for the club.”

“Fernando was great for us for three-and-a-half seasons, and we wish him all the best. I think he did everything for this club.”

“He maybe didn’t leave at the right time, but it was an opportunity for him and he left $50m in the bank which was double the price that he was.”

Someone who knows all about loyalty is Jamie Carragher, and even he had to admit that Torres was a fantastic player in his time at Liverpool and it was the right time for him to go:

“I think it was probably better that Fernando moved on if he didn’t 100 percent want to be here or it was going to happen in the summer.

“It’s probably better for everyone all round. I think it’s been in the offing since the summer. We always felt that at some stage this season, or maybe the end of the season, this may happen.”

“Whether people agree with how he’s gone, supporters can’t deny he was an absolutely fantastic player for Liverpool.”

I think they are fair comments, and understandable from guys who played with Torres when he was banging in goals for fun in his first season at Liverpool, but what was disappointing was the way he went, and his comments afterwards that have angered some Liverpool fans. Comments like this:

“The target for every player is to play for one of the tops clubs in the world and I can do it now, so I’m very happy.”

Liverpool will have the chance to exact revenge on the man they formerly adored at Anfield with their new idol, Luiz Suarez leading the front. It will be tough for Liverpool, but if they can pull off the win against Chelsea and complete the double over them this season, they could be well on their way to a good run of wins and perhaps even scrape fourth?….or fifth.

Tell me what you think!

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  1. David - Belfast

    February 6, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    The attitude and endeavours of FT this season said ‘I do not want to be here’ so it’s better that he has gone. However, I question the wisdom of Liverpool FC allowing him to move to another English Premier League club. Would Fergie have allowed that – I think not!

    Don’t forget Gerrard, Reina and Johnston are watching and waiting in the wings to follow suit. – Make them adhere to their contract terms or accept a move abroad. We now have the incredible situation where FT said the Captain of Liverpool FC advised him to move.

    Kenny Dalglish brought in a brilliant striker from Ajax and the best young centre forward in the country. Well done.

    Good luck Liverpool. In Jamie Carragher you have a central defender who will never sell you short. Make him Captain.

  2. Luke - Liverpool

    February 6, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Okay David, just a couple of points.

    Firstly Steven Gerrard didn’t “advise” Torres to leave, he simply congratulated him on a move that was good for all 3 parties. He probably does the same whenever any of his friends makes a transfer.

    Secondly, the reason he didn’t move abroad is because nobody abroad wanted him. The only clubs who could realistically afford him (not including the money bags at Shalke etc) are Real (wouldn’t go there as he still loves Athetico), Barca (having money troubles and don’t need him) or maybe AC who play in a mediocre league.

    We got the best years out of that player, and in turn we have got 2 young players who, in my (and Phil Thompson’s) opinion will be more prolific than Torres is for Chelsea. I personally want to wish him luck in his career, for a player who doesn’t want to play for us he still scored a few goals this season. And although I love Jamie, he isn’t good enough to start for LFC anymore, he shouldn’t be captain. We should stop wasting time and make him one of our back room staff. Whereas Gerrard is still one of (if not THE) best attacking midfielder in the world.

    Let me know what you think.

  3. David - Belfast

    February 6, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    Luke, I have tried to get the precise quote where the Chelsea player involved the Liverpool FC captain in his decision to move. Regrettably, NewsNow is so active the script has long since disappeared.

    Kenny Dalglish seems to have lifted the club and it’s supporters again and he was disappointed with the (now) Chelsea player’s shock decision to jump ship especially after he had just bought him such a fine strike partner.

    By and large John Henry and his Company are making the right decisions but selling your best striker to a competitor was not one of them. They should have rejected any approaches from EPL teams and made it clear that their players had no future in England before their contracts with them expired.

    You see my main concern is that this move may have set a precedent for Liverpool FC and you know that Fergie would not allow any of his players to do likewise. Do you not think that Gerrard’s permission was given to release his suportive comments?

    Isn’t it great that Fenway seem to support the redevelopment of Anfield rather than a shared stadium in Stanley Park?

    C’mon ‘The Reds’!

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  5. Moveonlfc

    February 6, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    I think that Torres is finished at the level he had 3 years ago. Like Owen his blistering pace becomes a burden when your hamstrings are tweaking day in day out. Admittedly, Torres is a better player than Owen but I am sure that he will never don a game again like he did against the mid M62ers, specifically Vidic. The gaul of the man to go against everything he supposedly stood for, loyalty, belonging to a club etc and then to sign for a no mark entity Chelsea shows him for what he really is. Every true football fan will shame him to fail because he is a snake. He belongs at Chelsea and Chelsea deserve him. Get stuffed Chelsea. You have no class and that is why you will never, ever be a big club like we are, The M62ers and to a certain extent the Gooners.YNWA except for Torres whio has made the worst decision of his life

  6. David - Belfast

    February 6, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    The Reds have to ensure that none of their remaining top players are allowed to move to other EPL teams whilst they have more than a couple of years left on their contract.

    Chelsea signed a brilliant player thus inhibiting the managers rebuilding plans.

    Fenway Sports must make Kenny Dalglish’s appointment permanent soon as it is clear that they and the Reds supporters have total confidence in him.

  7. David - Belfast

    February 6, 2011 at 9:26 pm


    Refer to page 12 on this site and you will read that FT was first contacted by Steven G to say he gave his consent to his move to Chelsea. It was a Saturday Daily Mirror piece.

    Perhaps my earlier use of the word “advised” was not accurate but I cannot envisage any former captains of Liverpool FC giving succor to a high profile team mates move to an EPL competitor. The late great Emyln Hughes?
    Never! He would have punched him!

  8. mike

    February 6, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    Hi ,
    Gerrard told him to go as he , same as carra thought, if your not 100 % dedicated or somewhat distracted by the chelsea lure best you leave us to get on with rebuilding the club to former glories, gerrard wont leave lfc now . If he resisted chelsea with a couple of top form years ahead of him , then he most definitly wants to complete a stunning career at his boyhood dream club, gerrard looked up the field an d seen torres walking around with his head down, that pulled all the players down, now the rebuild is on, thank you fernando for some top quality football and magnificent goals but im sorry to say like many before you,
    ie michael owen, your gonnea realise the grass is not always greener on the other side and some morning your gonna wake in a cold sweat and ask yourself what in the name of jesus have I done, And ps a liitle tip fernando dont introduce the mrs, to John Terry or she will be scoring more than yourself.
    Liverpool for life.

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