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Someone please shoot me….

After the events of Saturday the 6th of february, 2011 here’s what I can conclude :

The draw actually feels like a loss. Now I know we live in a real world, but if I put it this way, you’ll understand. Imagine this…Arsenal are 4-0 up at half-time, AW says “forget about what you guys did in the first half, concentrate on the 2nd, and be calm. ” We go in and blast Newcastle by another 2 goals…6-0! RVP gets a hat trick and Andrey another goal. Manchester united lose to Wolves 2-1, and the league table stands as below :

Teams          Pld     W     D     L     GF     GA     GD     P

1. Man Utd  25     15     9     1     55     24     31     54
2. Arsenal    25     15     5     5     54     27     33     52

Sometimes it’s actually good to wonder, what could have happened, but then again we are in the real world, and the 4-4 draw was as our beloved manager rightly put it : “2 points dropped.”

Saturday was an opportunity, and we blew it. Newcastle took advantage of our handicap and came back, with he help of the ref, who may have been given some of Andy Carroll’s transfer fee. Gooners around the world, like me are disappointed and distraught, and probably feel like shooting themselves.

Theo has said before that we need to concentrate on our own game. Moreover, the build-up to this match was full of comments that United will drop points. But the fact is that, we dropped points. We should not be bothered about our rivals , but more about us. Look at it this way. When we play our match, and our rivals play a match at the same time, we don’t know what is happening in their match, so we should just concentrate on ours. Let’s do our job, and leave the rest. This should be the attitude through-out the season. The league-table in my opinion should be viewed twice in a season. Once in the middle of the season, and once in the end.

Now whats done is done, so all we can do is to look forward to the match against the “Vanquishers of Man-United”…lets hope we don’t **** that up to.



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