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Chelsea’s Philosophy My A***

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“The most important people are the people at the top of the club, who own it,” Arnesen said. “They have the philosophy. Arsenal have their philosophy and we have ours and we stick to it. [Abramovich] believes in [youth]. But he demands that you will win so you have to sign players from outside. If you want to be top you need to hire the best players from outside. If you go with the youth you will probably not win a lot of trophies. If [you] don’t want to win trophies and want to be involved in the Champions League, then OK, you go with youth.”

Alright Mr. Arnesen, so you say that your boss believes in youth. Ok, I believe you (sarcasm intended)…But there is just one point that I would want people who are reading this to notice.

If Abrahamovich believes in youth, “If” he does, and also if he believes in winning trophies (this is implied, otherwise there would not be such fat cheques existing), then logically speaking he must believe that youth brings trophies. Just think about it…he’s totally contradicting himself.

I am not going to judge here, although I have a good mind to, but as far as I can see these people say something and do something else. And lastly, we [Arsenal] have a philosophy, you have money. So please do not say that we follow our philosophy and you yours. It makes no sense. If I have money and I go buy a new shirt, can I call that my philosohy…….that is ****’n absurd.

I’m actually tired of questioning Uefa and Fifa over this issue, so I wont. But if ‘some’ clubs are allowed to go on doing this, then with that logic smaller clubs will literally do “Jack” in the transfer market and players like Denilson will be worth 60 million pounds in the near future..



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