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Would Liverpool fans prefer Champions League or Premier League glory?

What are the chances of Liverpool winning both the Premier League and Champions League this season? And which would they prefer?

Liverpool’s current season is going very well indeed – they’ve played superbly well over the last eighteen months – to the point where they could be on-course for a Premier League and Champion’s League double this season. Their last match in the Champion’s League against Bayern Munich resulted in a disappointing 0-0 draw and they were held to the same scoreline by Man Utd on Sunday afternoon. However, Liverpool are still sitting one point clear of Man City at the top of the table and Reds’ fans are dreaming of success at home and in Europe this campaign. With a well-balanced squad and a top manager in charge, their dream could very well become a reality.

But which competition would Liverpool most like to win? And here’s the question that preoccupies fans and football betting sites alike – what are the chances of them winning both competitions this season?

It’s incredibly difficult to win both the Premier League and Champions League. Many think that Liverpool should be prioritising the Premier League in order to end their long wait for a title, but Mohammad Salah believes that Liverpool have a good chance at finishing the season as Champion’s League and Premier League winners. He told France Football, “Last season we knocked out Manchester City, then Roma, who had just beaten Barca in the quarter-finals. Each time, they were incredible games. We played against teams challenging for the title and we still managed to reach the final, so of course we can do it again. I’m sure of it. We can even win both, the Champions League and the Premier League. I don’t want us to put pressure on ourselves, but yes, everything is possible.”

Liverpool star Georginio Wijnaldum is adamant that Liverpool can win both titles this year, although he admitted that the Premier League was the trickier out of the two, explaining ‘because there are more games, and there are no easy games. The truth is, we can win both, but both are very difficult. We have to believe it.’

Jurgen Klopp is adamant that the club’s supporters are more concerned with winning the Premier League than the Champion’s League. Despite this, he is determined to court triumph in both competitions. ‘It’s difficult for me to answer the question’, he said, after being asked which victory the fans would prefer, ‘but if you would have to decide, for all Liverpool fans it is the Premier League, that is clear, we know that.’ Personally, Klopp says that he would prefer to win both.

In the Premier League, Liverpool face Watford and Everton next, and Daniel Sturridge may be called upon after Roberto Firmino picked up a knock at the weekend. With new additions to the team such as Alisson Becker, Xherdan Shaquiri, Naby Keita and with key player Virgil can Dijk, they are a formidable team to beat. With their passion, an improved defence and the fans behind them –it looks promising that Liverpool will win the Premier League after all these years.

In the Champion’s League, Liverpool play their second leg at Bayern on March 13th. They are outsiders in this competition, however, and Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci believes that Liverpool are up against stiff competition in the form of Barcelona, Manchester City, and Juventus. It’s looking more likely that Liverpool have more chance of winning the Premier League than the Champion’s League.

Liverpool have won the UEFA Champions League (formerly known as the European Cup) five times, taking home the trophy in 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984 and 2005. The Premier League had not been created when the Reds last won the league back in 1989/90, so if they win it this year it will be 29 years in the making.

To echo Jurgen Klopp, It seems clear that the majority of Liverpool fans would prefer to see their team win the Premier League in 2019. Many can remember the last Champion’s League win back in 2005, yet they’ve been without a league title since 1989 – despite coming close a number of times. If Liverpool can’t win both, then the fans would certainly prefer to see a triumphant Premier League win.

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