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Spurs conquer San Siro!

Don’t you just love football? The fans, the stadiums, the teams, their managers, the unpredictable? That’s the beauty of football, the unpredictable! On paper, Milan were the favorites before the kick-off whistle, yet Spurs managed not only to survive, but to win the game.

The truth is that Milan deserved to lose. Furthermore, they do not deserve to qualify for the quarterfinals. Not with this squad, not with this coach, not with this attitude (e.g. Gattuso and Flamini). Some of these players used to be gods who conquered all, but not anymore. Milan’s flaws were once again put on the doctor’s table as the Rossoneri failed once more to impress against an organized team (such as Spurs). Last year, Milan lost 3-2 at San Siro against Manchester United, despite the moments of brilliance served by Ronaldinho (the goal, the assist for Seedorf, that killer no-look pass to Inzaghi in the dying minutes and many more). Milan had no defence whatsoever, the midfield was poor (compared to United’s) and the attack should have done  much more. That game revealed another painful truth for every Milan fan: they’re old! At Old Trafford, Milan lost again, 4-0 and were kicked out of the tournament. Not surprisingly, really!

As a fan (I have been a fan all my life), I thought they would be able to learn a lesson. Yet, the midfield is still poor (Pirlo is also getting older), they transferred the “fantastic” 34-year old Mario Yepes to partner the legendary Alessandro Nesta and the full-backs are the same as last year. Okay, they’ve got Ibra and Robinho but who cares? When it mattered (take last night for example), they both failed to shine (Ibrahimovic was great this season, don’t get me wrong. Without him, Milan would be lying in 6th or 7th place in Serie A). Cassano was ineligible for the game as he could have done much more that the others. The magnificient INzaghi is injured (note: do you remember Mourinho’s words???)

As I watched the game, I couldn’t help but wonder: why did they let Ronaldinho go? The guy is simply better than the rest. Look at last season: under the tutelage of manager Leonardo, the buck-toothed magician was Milan’s best player: the goals, the assists, the sublime passes, his smile, his samba, everything. Last season, he was head and shoulders above the rest. I really don’t care about his fitness levels; he should have been on the pitch last night!

A fact: Milan used to be speed, finesse, skill, power. Milan was Maldini, Baresi, Van Basten, Gullit, Savicevic, Weah, Shevchenko (in his prime) and many more. Do you remember any of these guys?

Today’s Milan is a joke. Even if they win the Serie A this season! I am not so sure that they will actually, given that they have to compete with Napoli, Lazio or Inter. We will see. Look at Gattuso and Flamini for example. Last night, they both deserved to be sent off. I remember a Champions League semi-final clash against United, where Gattuso man-marked the soul out of Cristiano Ronaldo.

As for Spurs, they did what they had to do. They won! Simple as that. Aaron Lennon made a fool out of Mario Yepes, passed the ball to Crouch who scored an easy goal. Aaron Lennon the architect! Once again, Harry’s lads impressed at the San Siro. Yesterday, there was no Gareth Bale. Instead, I saw an impressive Van der Vaart, a skillful Pienaar, a witty Aaron Lennon, a rock-solid Dawson and a confident Gomes. Thumbs up to the other lads!

Now Spurs are favorites to qualify for the quarter finals of the competition and they will probably succeed. At the Lane, Harry’s lads are fantastic! Allegri knows it. Can he summon the spirit of Milan to bounce back? As for me, I cannot help but ask: Where are you Dinho??

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