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Arsenal vs Barcelona- What was different?

When Arsenal were drawn against Barcelona in the Champions League knockout stage ….you knew you couldn’t make it up. As per usual, I was nervous but excited before the game. It was by far our game of the current season.

Arsenal started the match looking strong and alert. They passed well and had chances. They worked hard and Barcelona did not look a 100% and my belief that we could do this grew stronger.

In the 26th minute David Villa scored and I thought here we go again; we’re going to get hammered. The next 10 minutes or so Arsenal chased the ball and Barcelona started enjoying themselves. They showed us what they could do with the ball and to be honest it was beautiful football. Their passing is out of this world, but then again Arsenal are amazing on their day too but Barcelona are the best team in the world.

I was glad when the whistle went for half time, you could see our players getting tired from chasing so much and think it was a good time for them to take 5 minutes out and regroup. The team that came out in the second half demonstrated their strength and determination. We passed well, showed belief and that is what resulted to our victory.

Twelve months ago, we had many players injured, we did not have the courage we have this season. The team was young but a year later that has changed we still have a young team but it has more experience.

The one thing that stood out on Wednesday night was the fight that the players had. They did not give up, they knew what they wanted and they went and got it. I could not believe when Van Persie scored and then when Arshavin scored the winner I was on cloud nine. The last 10 minutes of the game were the longest of my life.

Do not get me wrong, I know that in the second leg Barcelona will be a whole lot stronger at Nou Camp. If Arsenal want to win they are going to have to be a better team than they were at the Emirates, also they cannot make the mistakes they made on Wednesday.

If Arsenal knocks Barcelona out….will they go on to win the Champions League?

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