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Darron Gibson – Future or Past?

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Few current United players evoke such passionate and differing views from fans as Darron Gibson. There are those who don’t rate him at all and those who think he has great potential and isn’t far off. I have to admit that I am one of those who has been critical of Gibson, following some abject displays this season.

Maybe I am being a bit harsh but I genuinely question whether the Republic of Ireland international is good enough to make the grade at Old Trafford. For me, he is too light weight for a position in the centre of the United midfield and I don’t just mean in the physical sense.

Gibson can occasionally look tidy and in fact, he played some nice passes against Crawley on Saturday, although the overall team performance was poor. However, I wouldn’t want him in our starting eleven if we were to play a Chelsea or Barca for example. Too often, he can go missing in games and also give the ball away from time to time. Similarly, he is not good enough defensively to be deployed as a more defensive midfielder.

If he were to make the grade, it would be as an attacking, goalscoring midfielder. We all know that he can strike the ball well and has a good shot from distance. This has almost become a trademark with ’shooooot’ can be heard echoing around Old Trafford every time he gets the ball on the edge of the box.

Although, I think his shooting too can be over rated and can also mask the frailties in his game. He has scored nine goals for United in his career; hardly prolific. I know he has been on loan at Antwerp and Wolves but it is still an unimpressive return.

Granted he has only been involved in ten or eleven games in the league this season but I haven’t been all that impressed with what I have seen. At 23, Gibson can hardly be classed as a fledgling either. It is coming to the time where a call will have to be made on whether he stays at United.

Ireland coach Giovanni Trapatoni again urged Gibson to move club to peruse regular first team football. Gibson may well be happy to be on the fringes with United and winning medals but it mightn’t be his call, ultimately. It will be an interesting summer at United with changes imminent in the centre of midfield. Scholesy will be moving on soon and it is possible we might also see the back of Carrick and Gibson.

If I’m honest, I would probably like to see a quality midfielder brought in, rather than Gibson staying. I understand he has potential but my feeling is that he is not good enough to hold a starting slot in the centre of our midfield. I know he has his fans too, among them the excellent Man United 24 blog, and I fully acknowledge the need to give these guys time and trust Fergie’s judgement. It wasn’t so long ago I had written off Darren Fletcher.

Really interested to get other United fans views on Gibson. What do you guys think?

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  2. carlnorth

    February 22, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    PAST. Never be good enough for United. Decent player though who do a god job for someone in the prem – should be exchanged as make weight for Rodwell in a deal with Everton.

  3. bigbadbaz

    February 23, 2011 at 12:58 am

    Future – he may be good enough he may not, he needs confidence, which will only be gained by time on the pitch, a loan move may suit him best, play week in week out build his confidence away from old Trafford, where he gets little support, if his game improves after his loan move the keep him and play him, if not then don’t.

  4. Kaylynn

    February 24, 2011 at 2:46 am

    Future. He has potential. He gets no support from anyone and not a long enough run of games to get his confidence. Its ridiculous this band wagon that everyone is jumping on too. He has a good game against Crawley and Marseille. Yes he did make some bad passes yes, but Carrick made more. Fletcher made just as many. Rooney was almost non exsistant, yet everyones ready to jump down poor Darron’s throat if he makes one bad pass. He has talent, he just needs some confidence and a run of games.

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