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Is Football a Safe Sport For Your Kids

Football is a game which both boys and girls can play, learning about teamwork and burning off some energy, but how safe is this game for our kids?

Kids love to play sports and their high energy levels lend themselves perfectly to tearing it up on a track or a field with their friends. The big concern for parents when it comes to choosing a sport for our children is of course safety and whilst we want them to have fun and learn something new, keeping them safe is always going to be at the top of our agenda. One of the world’s most popular sports is of course football and it is a game which both boys and girls can play, learning about teamwork and burning off some of that energy, but how safe is this game for our kids?

When It Isn’t Safe

Widely speaking yes, football is a safe sport for kids to play and it is one which will teach them about a lot more than just kicking a ball around. It is however vital that you choose a team or program which promotes safety when playing this sport, and here are some examples of when this sport is not as safe as it should be for the kids. Check out Owayo on how to plan and carry out soccer training correctly.

  • Heading

In the last 20 years we have learned more about the affects of concussion on sportsmen and women who have spent a lifetime taking hits to the head in their careers. It is for this reason that when it comes to training and matches for our young children, that they should not be heading the ball, or be encouraged to do so. Despite the fact that balls are so lightweight and flexible in the modern age, constant impacts can cause problems for our kids which may affect them in later life.

  • The Right Kit

When your kids play they must have the right kit in order to keep them safe. This includes the right boots – metal studs should not be encouraged in younger kids- shin guards to protect their legs, gloves for goalkeepers and even gum shields which will protect their mouths. Visit OTG sports to pick up the best kit for your kids, and ensure that they stay safe on the pitch.

  • Tackling

Slide tackling should not be allowed until kids reach their late teenage years as this is how injuries occur. The idea of our kids playing football is about them having fun and learning techniques, which is why we don’t want to risk any injuries, especially as they are still growing.

Safer Than Most

When we think about the dangers of other sports such as Aussie Rules, rugby and American Football, we can see that football is significantly safer than these, and far less injuries occur. It is also important that we understand what kids are like, they are gung-ho and lively and the truth is that they could get hurt in any sport or activity, whether they are playing cricket or tennis!

We should of course ensure that the sport we choose for our kids is as safe as it can be and as long as football is taught and managed in the right way, it is a safe and wonderful sport which your kids will love.

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