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Ooops! Arsenal did it again….

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Why is it we always shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to the tail-end of the season or in cup final matches? The Koscielny-Wojciech debacle is not the first time we have literally presented an important match to the opposition. Cue back to the League Cup Final in 2007 when we self-combusted and lost Toure and Adebayor and finally the chance of winning. Again in the semi-final of the FA Cup against Chelsea, Champions League final v Barcelona, Champions League semi-final v Man United, we have always thrown away good positions where we could have won a trophy.

Many pundits have questioned the boys’ temperament in the big matches and how we seem to freeze. I personally don’t think we played all that badly against Birmingham. We have always struggled to break down teams who defend well in numbers. Although not many neutral fans agree with me but I am positive that we would have won the match in extra time. The Blues were hardly getting out of their half and we were creating chance after chance.

No doubt the boys’ will be utterly dissapointed after the match. I can’t blame them for lack of trying. It just seem that there is a mental block that is preventing some of them from crossing the barrier. I guess this is something which the boss should be looking into with three other competitions still alive. Maybe a psychologist would help. Certainly Koscielny and Wojciech would benefit from one after this episode.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid

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