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What are the different types and modalities of Sports Betting?

If you are looking to get into footballing betting but feel you don’t fully understand the industry yet, then this is the post for you.

If you are looking to get into footballing betting but feel you don’t fully understand the industry yet, then this is the post for you. In this guide, you will learn about all the various types and modalities involved with sports betting and read about different strategies you could adopt to become a winning bettor. The knowledge gained from reading this article could help boost your profits from football betting as there is money to be made if you take the right approach.

One of the most exciting elements of sports betting is the variety of bets available as there are numerous ways you can bet on football. Not only can we bet on simple things like the final result or score, but also who scores the goals, number of cards, fouls, corners, etc. Also, the introduction of ‘cash out’ and ‘live betting’ has added new opportunities for bettors in recent year. Therefore, each player can design their strategy according to what works best for them and the knowledge they have.

So it’s essential you have an in-depth knowledge of each market as that will allow you to make more informed decisions when choosing your bets and ultimately boost your profits. You can click on ag bong88 for more details but for now lets take a look at some of the different betting types:

Final result bets

These are the most common bets as it’s the simplest form of betting on football. As the name suggests, you simply have to bet on how you think the match will end. The options would be a home win, away win or draw – often referred to as 1X2 in sports betting.

Most bookmakers also offer additional bets known as ‘double chance bets’ that allow you to bet on a combination of the three home, away or draw options. For example, you could bet on a home win and draw [1X]. In this scenario, only an away win would see you lose your money. However, covering two of the three possible outcomes means the odds will be much less than if you just did a straight bet.

Handicap betting

A handicap is a type of bet where a team will be given a ‘handicap’ to overcome in order to win the game. The most common type of handicap in football betting is for a team to start the match losing by one or more goals. For example, Liverpool -1. The Reds would need to win the game by two clear goals to win the bet. This type of bet is particular useful when betting on heavy favourites who are being offered at short odds.

There are two basic types of handicap – European and Asian – and within each of the many modalities. They offer a wide variety of alternatives and strategies. As this is a complex topic, you can learn more about handicap betting by clicking on the previous link further up the post.

Over / Under (goals, points, …)

These types of bets are those in which, to win them, the total number of goals, points, or any other parameter of our sporting event must be above (over) or below (under) a certain value. These types of bets are of great interest to more experienced bettors.

They allow taking advantage of situations beyond the final result. We may not be very clear if Boca Juniors or River Plate will win in an opening match in Argentina. Still, knowing the defensive and offensive potential of both teams, perhaps we can be more certain if there will be over or under 2.5 goals in the game.

Among these bets, we can find variants that refer to both teams at the same time, or just one. That is, if there will be many or few goals in a specific match, or if one or the other rival will score a number of goals above a value (over X goals), or conversely, they will not score (under Y goals).

Over/under can be understood as a special type of handicap, and values ​​are often indicated at the midpoint to delimit the threshold of success and failure. Something similar to what happens in Asian handicaps.

Pre-match betting

As its name indicates, pre-match bets are those that we make before the start of the game. They are the best known and easiest to carry out, and the most recommended for those starting in the world of sports betting.

Live or Live to bet

Live or live bets are those made with the match already started. They allow many trading strategies, and at the same time, they are very fun and exciting. We talked in detail about how to make live bets in the entry of the previous link.

Combination or parlay bets

These types of bets involve us betting that several results will happen at the same time. For example, we could do an accumulator bet that Arsenal will beat Everton, Man City will beat Wolves and Brighton will draw at West Ham. We’d need all three results to happen in order to win our bet.

This type of bet is usually more for the casual bettor who likes to have a punt at the weekend to try and win big, but they will lose their money the majority of the time. Combination bets are extremely difficult to win regularly. However, there are certain situations when these types of bets would make sense but you’d have to have a clear strategy that’s based on in-depth knowledge.

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