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Comparing Betting on Football Betting to Gambling at Online Casinos in the UK

It will take you just a matter of seconds to find a gambling site at which to place any type of sports bet online, or play any type of casino game you could ever get the urge to play when you make use of an internet search engine.

However, they do say that a fool and his money are soon parted, and as such it is very important that anyone that does have a very keen interest in gambling, educates themselves fully regarding just which gambling opportunities are going to offer them the very best winning opportunities.

Therefore, what I am going to be doing in the following article, is to compare the many different football betting opportunities that are available to you these days online, with the myriad of different casino games on offer to you at all online casino sites in the UK whether it’s a general casino or non Gamstop gambling sites.

By doing so you are going to get a very good insight into whether it is going to be betting on football that may suit you the best or gambling on casino related games of chance when you get the urge to gamble next.

Just be aware of the simple fact that no matter what you choose to gamble on, there are always going to be risks associated with gambling, and therefore make a point of always setting yourself some very strict limits when you do next gamble, and always stick to your limits, and remember when the fun stops you should stop gambling.

House Edge and RTP’s

The one main thing that every single online casino player should keep in mind, is that every single game of chance that they will find available to them at all UK casino sites will come with its own house edge and a respective payout percentage too.

When it comes to card and table games such as Blackjack and Roulette for example those types of casino games will have been designed around a house edge, and the house edge simply refers to the percentage of players stakes that the operator of a casino can expect to make over the long term from each game.

It is the way each game has been designed regarding the playing rules and payouts that will ultimately determine whether any card or casino table game comes with a low or high house edge. But from a players point of view, they will always be seeking the games with the very lowest house edge, as those games will not eat away at their bankroll as quickly as games that have been designed with a high house for example will.

Games such as video poker, keno and of course slot machines will all be designed around an RTP which is the return to player payout percentage. The games in those categories that have the very highest RTP’s or payout percentages are the ones that savvy gamblers will be looking to play.

Over-Round on Football Bets

When it comes to making a profit on football related bets and wagers, each non Gamstop betting sites are going to have something known as an over-round built into their betting markets. That is simply the amount of profit they can expect to make if they get an equal number of bets placed on every possible outcomes of a match.

In layman’s terms, let’s take a look at a simple betting market, that being that either the home team or away team will win a match or that the match will end in a draw, Obviously the favourite team to win any such match is going to be on offer at very low odds, and the odds on the much lesser fancied team will be much higher and the bookie will also be offering odds on whether the match will end in a draw too.

The thing to keep in mind though is that it is very rare for a bookie to have a well balanced book on a football match, and as such the over-round they will be have built into a betting market can be quite high.

That in turn means there can often be some very poor value on offer when it comes to betting on a  football match, and as such punters should also be prepared to spend as much time and they need and require hunting around many different betting sites on the lookout for a bookie offering by far and away the very highest possible odds, on whatever outcome of a football match they do wish to place a bet on.

Football Betting and Casino Related Promotional Offers

There are of course plenty of other ways that you can increase the potential profits you can make when placing football related bets and wagers or when playing some casino games, and that is by becoming a much savvier gambler when it comes to tracking down the best valued bookmakers and casino promotional offers.

It is a well-known fact that all gambling site operators, whether they operate a betting site or UK casino site are always going to be very eager to sign up new customers, and the best way they can attract new customers is by giving those that do sign up to their respective sites some high valued welcome bonuses.

However, never lose track of the fact that all sign up welcome bonus offers are going to come with all manner of unique terms and conditions, and as such you will need to read through each term and conditions carefully, and then evaluate for yourself whether any welcome offer is going to be worth claiming.

It is however the ongoing promotional and loyalty based offers that do tend to offer the ultimate value for both football bettors and casino game players, for at the end of the day each gambling site operator is going to want you to gamble regularly at their site, and those therefore are the types of offers you should be looking out for, so make sure that is something you actively make a point of doing.

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