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Manchester United Favourites To Win The Europa League

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Are you planning to bet on the upcoming Europa League when it returns in August? If things would keep going the way they are, one team is way above all others when it comes to the odds. As of now, Manchester United are staying strong on top spot when it comes to odds from the bookmakers, and they remain the number one favourite team to win the Europa League this season.

While odds differ from one bookmaker to another, it gives the same general sense when it comes to who is the favourite and who favours the predictions before the game. You can check on which bookmakers are offering the best odds and lines on this website, and you can read tips, reviews, and recommendations as well.

The Europa League, following the postponement of the remaining matches of the season, will finally return on August 5. The league was already halfway through the round of 16 when it was postponed until further notice back in March, due to the coronavirus pandemic threat.

Naturally, with games for the Europa League coming up, you can expect the odds and prediction to come in thick and fast. Currently, there are two teams that are staying hot on the top the odds and predictions to win the Europe League championship, and they are Manchester United and Inter Milan.

Manchester United seems to be unbeatable at the odds, with current odds for the club to win the championship going in at up to 5/2 and 3.20. Although they are the top favourites of bookmakers right now, other teams also come close with Inter Milan 5/1 second favourites along with Bayer Leverkusen and Wolves.

The Europa League finals are set to kick off in Cologne, Germany, and there are still at least five rounds left before the final match itself. Thus, the odds are still subject to change, and if you have been betting on sports for quite some time now, particularly on football, you know that odds can change by the hour.

What do the odds say for the participating clubs?

As stated, Manchester United is currently a big favourite of the bookmakers, followed closely by other strong and formidable clubs from around Europe. The following odds are correct at the time of publication but may change without notice.

  • Manchester United @ 5/2
  • Inter Milan @ 5/1
  • Bayer Leverkusen @ 5/1
  • Wolves @ 5/1
  • Sevilla @ 15/2
  • Roma @ 14/1

With Manchester United topping the favour of not only the bookmakers but also that of the fans and the experts, who would be the best contender against the team for the Europa League finals? Inter Milan had already secured a slot for the Champions League, so you can expect them to be as eager as United for the Europa Cup. On the other hand, Bayer Leverkusen has to win the Europa League to get back into the Champions League. Other clubs are also expected to pose a threat to United for the championship. Regardless, fans and bettors can get to see how things will play out starting on August 5, when the games will finally get back to the field.

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