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Covid-19 vs Football: How to live in the game at a time with no live games


At the onset of Coronavirus, the global sporting fraternity came to a standstill. The last time the world had to deal with such a contagious virus was a century ago.

However, even with the suspension of contact sports to prevent Coronavirus transmission, life has to go on. If football is your game, it must be a challenge adjusting to a life without your favourite league.

Leagues and teams around the world are gradually finding ways to resume games, albeit under tight rules. For instance, the Premier League is already scheduled to start for a new season. The fixtures will be played behind closed doors with no fans, but it is still better than nothing.

There are a few things you can do to adjust to the ‘new normal’ though. Here are five ideas to help you live a football life even without live football events.

1. Try Fantasy Football

Do you play fantasy football? If you do not, there is no better time to discover how much fun it is than now. Getting started is easy if you already know how football in the real world works.

Fantasy football is complete with leagues, matches, and rules. You will learn to play your team, manage your squad, and buy and sell players. This fun game has its own official Fantasy Premier League that you can play in.

Fantasy Football is a perfect game to play against your fellow football fans, friends, and even members of your family.

2. Play Football-Themed Casino Games

Online casinos have come a long way since the first days of the internet. There are so many games to play, but the most popular is the slots. Football fanatics are especially in for a treat with team and league -themed games.

The best thing about online slots games is that you can win big by spending very little. If you are a beginner, you are entitled to some freebies on sign-up, including free spins and bonuses. Try it now, sign up and get free spins without deposit to start exploring.

3. Stream Classic Football Matches

One sure way to relive the best moments in the history of football is to watch the classics. There are so many great matches you will get hooked to because they were incredible. To get you started, here is a list of full classic football matches you can watch on YouTube now.

4. Catch Up on Football Movies and Documentaries

It would be a challenge to watch one classic football match after another the whole day. But there is a lot more you can watch aside from the classic games. Documentaries and feature stories about teams, players, and leagues are fascinating to watch too.

Most top teams have sports libraries that tell their stories. When was the last time you watched an in-depth story about your team? Even if it was just yesterday, it is not too soon to watch it again.

5. Play a Football Video Game

Most football fanatics already have a football video game they enjoy to play. If you do not, then this is possibly the most engaging way to stay in the game while social distancing.

The best football video games in the market are designed around real players, real teams, and real championships. But there is no need to stick to what you know. Try new players whose names you have never heard. Play with teams whose countries you cannot pronounce. Start your leagues and build a virtual career.

By the time you are the king of the game, hopefully, Coronavirus will be a thing of the past, and we can troop back to supporting our teams in live games.

Final Thoughts

Football is a lot more than what happens on the pitch. You probably already know this, which is why ‘football is life’. The upset of the game by a virus should not deter you from enjoying it. These five ideas should help you stay in the game, at least for a while.

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