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Mathematically Proven Way to Make Money from Football Betting

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More than 97% of people lose money when they gamble online, which is a terrible statistic. That is why the Trademate Sports Value Betting software was created. But what is value betting?

What is Value Betting?

Put simply, value betting is betting on an outcome where the odds should have been lower than what the bookmaker offers. But how does value like that occur? First, we will use the example of a coin toss.

A coin toss has only two outcomes, heads or tails, a 50/50 chance of any of the two outcomes happening, a.k.a, 2.00 in decimal odds. 

But let’s say the odds are 2.20 for tails and 1.80 for heads. In this scenario you would obviously bet on tails, as there’s a 50/50 chance of either outcome and you’re going to make more money if it lands on tails. So, let’s say we bet $10 on tails. This means every time it lands on heads, you will lose $10, but for every time it lands on tails you will earn $12. 

From here you could go on a bad streak and lose 10 tosses in a row, losing $100, or of course the opposite could happen and you win $120. But the more times you toss it, the probability of the tosses will get closer and closer to 50/50. And because you have that small edge, it will turn into big profits over time, especially if you increase your stake!

Value Betting in Football?

So, how does this work in football betting? Well, the exact same principle applies to sports betting. Let’s say it’s the final game of the season, Liverpool vs Manchester United. The odds are 2.0 for Liverpool to win. But right before the game is about to start, two of Manchester United’s best players get injured and can’t play, which makes the odds on a Liverpool victory fall drastically, to something like 1.60. This is good news for a value bettor, because there are so many bookmakers that are late to update their odds, meaning you would be able to bet on a Liverpool victory at 2.0 in odds, while the true odds are 1.60! Now imagine getting 50-100 of these kinds of bets every single day! 

How can I do this myself easily?

That is exactly what the Trademate Sports software does, they do all the work for you! They calculate the true odds of a football game and signal when the bookies make mistakes, enabling you to exploit them. They do this for every football game around the world and other big sports such as Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey and lots more!

Start a free week trial with Trademate Sports here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Flexearner

    October 30, 2020 at 4:02 am

    The exact same principle applies to sports betting! Thanks.

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