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The most popular sports in Great Britain in 2020


Sport is one of the favourite past times of the Great British public, both watching and playing. Here is a rundown of the most popular sports in Great Britain 2020.


Football is without a doubt one of the most popular sports in Great Britain. The British public loves nothing more than cheering on their team, be it in the home stands or following players around the world. With its traditional league set up, the Premier League is probably the most-watched, as the top 20 teams from Great Britain play for the Cup. The FA Cup is also followed by millions of Brits each year, with a staggering 92 teams all competing to win. Some British teams have gained a global following, and juggernauts like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal regularly sign up the best players from around the world. Despite the global reach of football, many Brits feel very closely tied to their team, be it local or not, and it is this sense of football as a community that inspires Great British fans in 2020.


Wimbledon is probably the most famous of all British tennis tournaments and has been a fixture in British sport since 1877. Playing for just two weeks in June, the British obsession with tennis reaches its peak during this fortnight. Along with the French, Australian, and US Open tournaments, Wimbledon is the most-watched grand slam tennis event in the UK. Top British players, such as Tim Henman, Kyle Edmund and Andy Murray, often enjoy high ranking worldwide positions, with Murray himself ranked number 1 in the world back in 2016.

Fast forward to a few years later, and unfortunately, his 2020 position has seen him slip to 111th place. Despite the somewhat inconsistent performance levels of many British tennis players, it is still a spectacular spectator sport that can be enjoyed courtside (if you are lucky enough to get a ticket!), from the views of Murray Mound (once nicknamed Henman Hill), or at home. Female tennis players have also garnered plenty of support from the Great British public too. Sadly, due to the current pandemic, Wimbledon was called off for 2020, but other matches continue to be watched and enjoyed by UK audiences.


Great Britain has a long history of participating in cricket matches as well as watching them, and in 2020 it is still one of the nation’s best-loved sports. Created in the UK, cricket was first played way back in the 13th Century and is still just as popular for Great British audiences in 2020. Once synonymous with the upper-middle class, cricket is now enjoyed across the country by fans from all walks of life.

Millions in the UK tune in for world cup fixtures, such as the World Cup and of course the Ashes, where England often goes head to head with their old rivals, Australia. For those wanting to place a bet on cricket, the best providers can be found on Not every bookmaker is best suited for cricket betting concerning odds, betting types and bonus offers. Be sure to always compare the most trustworthy cricket sportsbooks with each other and be sure to look at the different betting odds as well.


Perhaps one of the less popular sports in the UK compared to others such as football and cricket, badminton still ranks as the most-watched racket sport in Great Britain. Since 1893, badminton matches have been played throughout the UK. Despite this, it often flies under the radar, with not much coverage from the media and hardly any famous names associated with the sport, unlike football or tennis. British badminton players tend to rank lower in the world than other countries, so perhaps this may also contribute to its lower profile.


Both Rugby League and Rugby Union are the two most popularised forms of rugby currently enjoyed in Great Britain today. With very different rules, these two leagues are exciting and exhilarating. Established in 1823 by William Webb Ellis, rugby began as a variation on football and has since grown to become one of the most popular sports in its own right. Every four years, audiences can enjoy the World Cup League, along with other international competitions such as the European Cup and the Five Nations Championship.

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