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States where sports betting is legal


Sports betting is a great way to earn money, but not all countries have fully legalized it. This is the main reason why bookmakers are simply banned in some countries. It leads to the registration of the company in various offshore companies, which also does not contribute much to the development of the gambling industry.

Nowadays, the sports betting market has undergone a real revolution over the past 5-7 years. There are many new bookmakers, and most importantly players can make forecasts using gadgets. This opened up fundamentally new opportunities for professional players.

Online betting companies have a lot of advantages. At the same time, online betting is not available everywhere, because popular resources are often blocked in several countries. The legislation sets different standards for offline and online bookmakers. The legislation of different countries in this matter is quite heterogeneous.

Legal bookmakers are those who have received a license from the Gambling Commission, a structure that grants the right to organize activities in the field of gambling. Any offices that can’t provide a license are operating illegally. In countries where the legal framework for the betting business is not developed, sweepstakes operate in the grey zone (not prohibited, but not allowed). Here below is the list of countries where sports betting is legal, besides it gets great support from the state and population of the country.

One of the first states in the UK, the birthplace of gambling. The UK is the only country where bookmakers are legal. Sports betting is an integral part of British life, it is part of the culture of this country. They bet on everything in Britain: on the personal lives of famous football players, show business stars and the Royal family, denouements in TV series, on the weather, on snow at Christmas.

Singapore is intended for the gaming business, there are a lot of local casinos in the country, they are free for tourists, and residents pay for admission. Sports betting is legal in this state. In Singapore, the authorities actively earn money on foreign tourists and try to protect local people from ludomania.

One more country with legalized sports betting in Canada: 75% of the gaming population. This may seem surprising, but cold Canada is deservedly in the top 4 most gambling countries. Canadians love lotteries, card games, and sports betting. Canadians love hockey, during important matches in the country life is suspended, and there are only sticks and pucks, well, bets. Often deals are made not in bookmakers, but a warm friendly circle. The government of Canada controls the gambling business: due to it, the country receives $ 13 billion annually from taxes.

Italy also has legalized sports betting. Half of the country’s gambling revenue comes from electric slot machines. Then there is poker, which even hosts the Italian championship. Besides, the first European casino was founded in Venice in 1638. Italians are obsessed with football, so they actively bet on their native clubs. Sports betting is an additional source of income for local and national budgets of Italy. Offices also sponsor local teams.

Macau is a Chinese pearl of sports betting and casino. Betting is allowed there, including online since 2003. The city has 50 years to continue to live in its usual independent way until Beijing exerts a serious influence. The city is developing thanks to gambling, the profit share of which is 40% of all earnings. The tax is 70%.

Many may be surprised, but Australia is one of the most gambling countries in the world. The annual turnover from betting in this country is even higher than in England. The population is so keen on betting in Australia. The authorities are dealing with the problem of ludomania and have even instructed various state universities to analyze this problem to reduce the harm to players. The legalization of sports betting took place in the 80s, but only licensed bookmakers were able to work. The Australian regulator is the Tasmania island Gambling Commission, established in 1993.

In general, we can distinguish continents where online betting is legal: Europe, Australia, Canada, Asian countries, Russia. World gambling experience shows that restrictions do not work positively, and licensing the activities of bookmakers is the simplest and most effective step. Legislation in the field of sports betting should combine as clear restrictions so that dubious offices do not appear on the market, but should not create barriers to the integration of new offices. The emergence of companies is, first of all, an opportunity for players to realize their potential and choose from even more offers. Thus, the competent legalization of bookmakers ‘ activities means reducing the risks for ordinary betting enthusiasts and generating additional revenue to the budget, which is why we have recently seen significant changes in this area virtually all over the world.

Nowadays legal sports betting has several advantages:

  •  For players, this is an opportunity to earn a large sum in an honest way, based solely on their knowledge of a particular sports discipline. Thanks to high quotes, it became easier to realize your potential and quickly become a plus.
  •  For the state, it means getting additional profit. Given the rapid increase in players in bookmakers, the Treasury can be replenished by a fairly decent amount. We can see these examples in many countries.
  •  Social responsibility. Bookmakers now understand it perfectly, so they try in every possible way to conduct charitable activities and sponsor sports competitions.

Thus, there are quite plenty of countries in the world where betting has become legal. In such cases, both the state and users have their benefits. At the same time, there are still countries where betting activities are prohibited. You can find out more about sports betting here: top online sports betting websites



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