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TOP-5 Famous Sports Betting Losses

There are massive emotions in sports wagering. Punters experience a thrilling moment when making a wager, and massive elation when they win. However, you can also lose in betting.

The disadvantage of all the excitement in sports wagering is the awful displeasure when your wager loses at Imagine the sadness if you’ve bet a significant amount of cash and you lose? In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the biggest losses in sports betting.

1. Vega Dave’s ‘Cupcake’ Loss

For those who are not aware Vegas Dave is an aka for David Oancea. He’s a popular sports bettor famous for bragging on Instagram about his massive bets and huge payouts on long-shot wagers.

However, in 2016, Dave wagered a whopping one million dollars on women MMA Champion Tate popularly known as cupcake at the UFC 200. Tate lost to Amanda Nunes in under 4 minutes.

2. Michael Jordan bets on a costly hole

Michael Jordan is an iconic figure in the NBA and a notorious bettor. Rumour has it that Jordan was forced to retire early because of his betting antics. At some point, he has a $1.2 million debt to his name when he used to bet on golf. He would bet hundreds of dollars per hole. According to his wagering buddy Richard Esquinas, Michael Jordan lost $1.2million to a business mogul after 10-days of golf and wagering.

3. A British man wagers his rewards and losses

One British man Steven Richards let luck get to him and decided to use his winnings to chase larger wins. He is a big punter and sports fan. In 2013, he place an accumulator wager with an initial bet of £10 ($13). He successfully predicted and won with 12 rugby games and earned a sum of £38,970 (approximately 52,800 dollars). A week later, Richard decided to try his luck with his earnings and placed 30,000 on Wales to win against Australia. He would’ve earned 55,000 dollars but that was not his day. Australia defeated Wales 30-26 on their turf.

4. Birdman’s Double Whammy

Birdman is a hip-hop business mogul who suffered a huge loss two times on Super Bowl wagers. The rapper is a New England Patriots loyal fan. One time he claimed he can wager five million dollars on Pats to win the Super Bowl XLVI. However, Birdman opted to place a “lesser” bet of one million dollars against 50 Cent. He lost the bet since his team lost 21-17 to New York Giants.

During the Super Bowl LII, Birdman still lost to AR-Ab, a Philadelphia rapper, when his team lost 41-33. The wager was thought to be around $200,000.

5. Daredevil Matthew Webb

Big losses on sports wagering are not new. The Matthew Webb incident goes back to 1883. He is famously known as the first person to swim across the English Channel. He earned through wagering against the people for several swimming contests. There is a time he won a whopping £400, which was a huge amount back then for swimming for over 72 hours.

After moving to USA in 1881, Webb had several victorious challenges but he was getting broke. He decided to raise his stakes and invited wagers that he can swim across Niagara Falls. The value of the wager was ten thousand dollars. Unfortunately, when he entered the falls in 1883, Webb disappeared.

Final thoughts

For some of these people, a $million loss might not be devastating but it can be painful to a casual bettor. Anyone who says they don’t feel the pain of losing a sports wager would be lying. It happens to most people.

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