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How expensive is it to travel with your favourite team?

Traveling to support your team can be expensive and away fans can spend hours on the road. We look at how expensive it can be to follow your team


The support of away fans at football matches is priceless for the visiting team. Vocal home supporters are seen as an ‘extra man’ for the hosts so it’s vital the away teams also have passionate fans fighting their corner. Traveling to support your team can be expensive and regular away fans can spend hours on the road, so they need to find ways to entertain themselves. On the road, you can entertain yourself in different ways, for example,

  • – watch movies and TV shows,
  • – various games on your tablet or laptop,
  • – reading books,
  • – play at various casinos not on gamstop,
  • – view other sports and live broadcasts.

Traveling to support your favourite team can be quite expensive even when the game is only a couple of hours drive way, however, fans of the top Premier League teams can spend a fortune following their clubs in European competitions. They’ll have to pay out for flights to fly all around Europe and nights in hotels so the cost can seriously mount up.  However, there are many ways to save money on travel, namely:

  • – Consider accommodation options not in hotels, but in various hostels, etc,
  • – Travel in groups,
  • – Book seats and buy tickets in advance,
  • – Do not travel to away matches in advance, it is advisable to arrive directly on the day of the match,
  • – If possible, travel by private car, and not by plane or other means of transport (to save money, you can find fellow travellers).

The main problems in travelling with your favourite team

The main problems are fairly obvious:

  • – Find a place to stay
  • – Organise how you’ll get to your destination [car, train, plane, etc]
  • – Secure your ticket for the game

These things are vital and need to be sorted in advance of you travelling. The first thing is to get your hands on a ticket for the match as away seats are usually very difficult to get hold of, especially if you support the bigger teams. If it’s a huge game, like a cup final, many fans will travel to the hosting city even if they don’t have a match ticket so they can enjoy the atmosphere and watch the game with thousands of fellow supporters.

When such large numbers flock to one place, hotel prices will sky-rocket so it’s important to book your accommodation quickly. Many travelling fans will book a hotel as soon as the game date is confirmed. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket for the match, you’re almost guaranteed a good time as the away fans are usually the most vocal and passionate supporters so the atmosphere is usually electric.

When it comes to travelling to the destination, it could be a good idea to link-up with fan groups as this should reduce the costs. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy your journey with fellow supporters and make memories that will last a lifetime.

You can also add even more levels of excitement when watching matches with the help of sports betting. There is nothing better than putting some bets on and watching the results come in while travelling to/from the match with a group of supporters or even watching the games in a pub. It adds a new level of enjoyment and let’s not forget you can also make some extra cash. Sometimes, it’s worth using an online casino rather than a traditional bookmaker as they can have better odds and bonus programmes. In addition, an online casino will have lots of other games you can play to pass the time while travelling to a game.


Travelling to support your team can be expensive but you can reduce the costs by booking well in advance and making use of away supporters groups. Players are always appreciative to the away fans because of the effort and expense that goes in to travelling to games, but many away regulars say the best times are felt when they’re on the road with their fellow supporters. An away trip in Barcelona will make memories that will last forever so it’s certainly worth it for many away fans.

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