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How to Bet on Football and Win Big

So how do you find the best football betting strategy? The best strategy is the one that could bring you regular wins and the most potential profit.

Football is the most popular sport in the world by far. Millions of fans, professional and novice players, analysts, etc. understand it, know the peculiarities of individual teams and athletes, and follow what is happening in the world of football. But is it possible to make money on football betting as easily as if you were playing in a casino online? And if so, what exactly do you need to do?

Win-win Football Bets

So how do you find the best soccer betting strategy? The answer is simple: the best strategy is the one that could bring you regular wins and the most potential profit. It is also the one that allows you to feel every moment, every odds change. As a result, you know exactly what you’re going to do next. However, it’s important to understand that there are no win-win strategies.

And remember, any winning football betting strategies that are advertised on the web need to be tailored for you. It’s like using a fishing rod – someone will catch 2 buckets of fish, and someone will not catch a single one. If you want to make money from soccer betting, you are going to need constant practice and analysis.  It is difficult to win constantly, but you can make a profit over the long run by improving your betting skills.

How to Bet on Soccer and Win?

To be able to earn on soccer betting, you need to understand all the features of bets and be able to use them to your advantage. Once you have enough experience, you will either adapt someone else’s strategy to your betting style or create your own.

Benefits of Betting on Football:

  • Small margin. Football is very popular, so it’s not surprising that it generates a lot of money. This means that bookies strongly compete with each other and want to lure a new bettor, attracting them with a low margin in comparison with basketball, tennis, and other sports.
  • Wide betting lines. Any bookmaker today offers a huge list of football betting options.
  • Large bet limits. You can choose from a large selection of video broadcasts of matches.

Here are a few tips that won’t make you rich, but will help you improve the effectiveness of your bets:

– Use bets that have a minimum margin. These are totals and handicaps. Try not to use such popular outcomes as W1, W2, and a draw at the beginning. Also, do not meddle in express bets. Just focus on single bets. Trust me, this is one of the best choices for beginners.

– Choose a reliable bookmaker or betting exchange. Having chosen a trustworthy bookie, you can be sure that you will get your money. And betting exchanges like Betfair will allow you to bet against other bettors for a symbolic 5%, This will allow you to get more profitable odds (on average by 10-15%).

How to Analyse Football Matches for Betting

Let’s talk about how to analyse soccer data for betting. Unlike gambling, sports isn’t all about randomness, so analysing it makes sense. Such an approach will allow you to make money in the long term and gain an advantage when betting.

Focus on these things when analysing soccer matches:

  • Motivation and fitness of the players. You don’t need to analyse the entire team, but pay attention to the key players.
  • Statistics. When it comes to stats, it is worth focusing on the latest trends. And although the bookmaker’s line often takes a lot into account, you should still collect some information for analysis. If you are new to betting, make sure to take into account the opinion of competent bettors and bookmakers. These are specialists who have been working in the gambling field for multiple years and know everything about betting. It’s worth taking their opinion into account until you learn all of the basics.
  • Odds change.  Is it worth paying attention to this if you want to know how to make money on football bets? Absolutely! Using special services like Oddsportal, you can track the movements of the odds. Some odd changes can tell a lot about the upcoming match. Most gamblers prefer pre-match betting. At the same time, some use sharp movements in the odds to find the reasons for their changes and take advantage of it. Once they find out the reason, they can then place a bet. If not, they will just keep looking for it.

Another thing you can do is use special programs to analyse upcoming matches. Many bettors use the results of software analysis for their own predictions. Despite the fact that most of the programs are paid, it’s still worth trying them out. However, remember that you should be the one making conclusions, not the program.

Effective Football Betting Strategies

  • Value Betting. When using this system, you need to place bets on events that the bookie underestimated;
  • Matched betting. This strategy allows you to bet on the same event using multiple accounts. As a result, you will increase profits no matter how the event ends.
  • Catch-up. You need to increase the size of each subsequent bet to compensate for the previous loss;


Winning at football betting is possible. You just need to work hard, stay composed, and keep improving your betting skills.

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