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Why So Many People Love Betting on Football

Here we look at what drives fans to bet on football and why so many supporters consider it a way to feel closer to the teams they support.


Football, eh? It makes it very easy for you to get sucked in. The communities built around teams and the beautiful game, as football is known, can have a thrilling effect. But what makes us bet on football so much? In fact, football is the most bet on sport in the world, and this probably has to do with the fact that it’s also the most-watched sport there is.

To understand the entire concept behind betting on sports, you probably have to visit a few dedicated sources.  But, if you prefer, we can just walk you through what we know drives sports betting on football and why so many fans consider it a way to feel closer to the teams they support.

Outsmarting Your Mates

One of the biggest incentives for many people who choose to bet on football is the fact that you can brag to your friends. Getting highly-rewarding wagers is always fun, and it’s something that you can show off to your social group, who will certainly appreciate the fact that you have won.

Sports betting is more than just taking a chance. In fact, there is a lot of skill that goes into understanding each individual game. Sports punters are very social, and they love football the same way they love betting on the game.

Opportunity for Some Profit

While sports betting won’t make you rich, you can still make some extra income. Many sports bettors like to explore football as a place where they can bring their knowledge of the game and see if they can make it work in their favour.

To do so, they place high-risk but cheap wagers known as parlays or accumulators. You can place an accumulator on ten selections/games, and if you get those right, you stand to benefit greatly from that £1 investment. It’s a very exciting way to bet without exposing yourself to any financial risk.

Of course, parlays or accumulators do not come in very often. You may be the smartest sports bettor there is, but unfortunately, football is bound to be dependent on an element of luck. After all, a player or a team may under perform in a given game.

An Opportunity to Be Closer to Your Team

Other fans just like to bet on their team because, for them, it’s a way to feel closer to the club they love. Placing a bet on your team adds an extra layer of excitement to the match.

Bettors know their team won’t always win but as long as they only bet money they can afford to lose, the wages will just be seen as a fun way to add more excitement to the game.

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