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PayPal Sponsorship with Football Association coming to an End

PayPal’s sponsorship deal with the FA is coming to an end. We take a look at the partnership and see whether it’s goals were achieved.

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PayPal has expanded to operate in several countries around the world and apart from its products and services; sponsorships have also significantly raised the profile of this online payments provider. A notable partnership agreement that has been made by PayPal is its four-year partnership with the Football Association, a governing body of association football in the UK and you can also view a list of bingo sites accepting PayPal deposits at SammyBingo. This cooperation with FA was signed in February 2019 and has actually focused on providing a mobile payment facility for grassroots match fees. This running sponsorship deal comes to an end and we hope that this global leading payment brand and powerful body for English soccer can once again be a partner in the future.

Details of the Partnership

The inked PayPal’s collaboration with Football Association makes this popular e-wallet the official payments partner of this prominent association. As both have the goal to facilitate people’s hobbies with quick and easy payments, their cooperation has digitally transformed the grassroots game. More than 147,000 apps are downloaded with up to 1,700 club accounts and 56,000 app users have been accomplished so far.  Worth recalling that PayPal is the widely-used online payment established in 1998 and has become the global leader in online payment transactions since 2002. This most famous digital wallet is trusted by the world’s largest companies for its simplicity, safety, and security. The renowned payment service has built a partnership with many entities and companies with a mutually gainful alliance. One of these partnerships is its sponsorship with FA from which this goliath of payment service has become the official payments partner of the association. Even their collaboration brings to an end; their alliance has impacted everyone at grassroots football, and hope that the clubs will still continue to collect millions of pounds every season.

Have the goals been achieved?

One of the remarkable features launched during their partnership is the release of the FA Matchday App. As more than 80% of clubs depend on cash and 38% relied on old fashioned-cheques, some may experience late or missing payments. The FA Matchday App is a solution to help them pay their match by just using their mobile phones. This free of charge app has been developed particularly to facilitate everything around football. Launched in 2018, this mobile application is dedicated to the players, the coaches, and the parents. The first step that the users have to do is to download the app on their iOS or Android. Then, they can log in with their email address and can simply select the player they want to access. The benefit of using this facility is its option to allow the users to organise matches and training. They can also select their line-up and give updates to their team. Moreover, PayPal’s collaboration with the FA also aims to support the initiatives of grassroots football. This includes the opportunity for teams to redeem training kits and equipment for free.


Although the collaboration between PayPal and Football Association has ended this alliance has positively impacted football life in the UK. The reason is that through this payments brand, the concerns associated with payment are over. Together, the two entities designed a FA Matchday App to change the cash to digital payments. As stated by Russell James, Director of Digital Engagement, on the first day of their collaboration, FA would make football more accessible by bringing this British favourite sport into the digital age. With the app that automates many tasks; over a million grassroots players are now able to transfer money with their mobile. Over a four-year partnership, the collection and tracking of money for those who manage football teams is simple but effective. A new four-year partnership agreement between FA and PayPal is being looked forward to for a better future of the football sector in this country.

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