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Premier League: Online Casinos, Major Sponsors of Football Teams

We look at the link between online casinos and their sponsorship of major Premier League football teams such as West Ham and Crystal Palace.

If you’re a football fan, there’s a good chance that you will be watching Premier League games in Great Britain. The English League is famous worldwide, and not a week goes by without a match being shown on television. In addition, you must have probably noticed the sponsors of these teams, many of which have an online casino logo. Indeed, many Premier League teams are sponsored by an online gaming site. In most cases, they are versatile sites; they offer sports betting, casino games, or even poker games. To zoom in on these very particular sponsors!

The Online Casino Games Market

Today, the online casino gaming market is booming. It must be said that platforms on the Internet have gained popularity over the years. Indeed, the digital world offers many opportunities, whether it is to earn money or be entertained from the comfort of your home. After a stressful day, it is good to relax in front of a game of slot machine, poker, or other, and at the same time try to boost your income. You can find online casino reviews at What it would be interesting to know, however, before you get into Internet gaming is how online casinos have achieved such notoriety and why more and more punters prefer them to physical establishments. Thanks to the sponsorship of teams playing in the Premier League! This is because licensed online casinos are permitted to become team sponsor and advertise in stadiums.

Premier League Teams Sponsored by Online Casinos

As you probably know, the British love gambling and betting. Anything is good to bet some money. London club West Ham, which plays in the Premier League, wears the Betway logo. The club is said to have negotiated their contract at 7 million euros per year. Regarding West Bromwich, the sponsor is called UK-K8, and he is said to have invested more than 6 million euros. Bet365 sponsored the Stocke City club for a whopping 1.5 million euros. Gibraltar-based online casino Mansion sponsors Crystal Palace and Bournemouth clubs with a pay-out of 5.9 million euros and 1.1 million euros, respectively.

A Compulsory Legal Gambling License

Only sites that have received the authorities’ approval via a legal gaming license are entitled to sponsor football clubs. However, the story is good because, in 2016, it was a football team itself that created an online casino to be able to play games live! Manchester United launched MarathonBet and partnered with its brand by signing a new multi-year sponsorship deal. As a result, Marathonbet becomes the official betting partner of Manchester United on all international markets, except the United States, China, Macao and Hong Kong. While financial details of the partnership were not disclosed, the previous contract with Bwin was estimated at € 3.4m per year.

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