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5 Best Football Betting Strategy Books

Formulating the best betting strategy requires patience and understanding, but these 5 Best Football Betting Strategy Books can increase your chances of winning. Read more.


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Almost every country has a club that they take pride in. So if you’re an avid football bettor, it’s high time that you upgrade your betting skills.

In this article, you can find the best football betting books to help you plan your next moves.

Data-Driven Football Predictions (Martin Chamberlain)

This book was published recently, in August 2019. It aims to heighten football fanatics’ betting chances to win. The low chance of profiting in football betting is what inspires Martin Chamberlain, the book’s author. There are only 5% of the bettors who profit from their activities.

As a solution, Chamberlain offers Data-Driven Football Predictions. The content of this book is about data specifics on league events and betting strategies. It provides perspectives and considerations on the steps and factors in placing bets. The major relevance of this book is to give punters a chance to profit.

This book will help produce football fans that are “wealthier and smarter bettors.” Most consumers of the book then agree to this claim. They have cited that Chamberlain’s book helps them devise their strategies. Through detailed tips in betting and match prediction, bettors profit more than twice as before.

The length of this Chamberlain’s book is also a great plus. The ninety-eight-page book delivers exemplary support in the technicalities of the industry.

Code a Soccer Betting Model in a Weekend (Antonio Tropiano)

This Antonio Tropiano book teaches football punters to devise their unique betting models. Data and technology power the techniques in this book. Various softwares and Python code snippets are a few of the things you will encounter inside. Most concepts are also incorporated with visuals for bettors to understand easily.

This book also contains information that can lead you to a football team’s match history. Through these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to plan your model better. You can finish the book in one weekend. So, if you have an upcoming betting activity early next week, it can help you.

Novice punters find this Tropiano book very helpful. The contents are well-translated that even non-book readers can relate to. Instructions in setting up the codes and softwares are also written and easy to follow.

The author’s interest in football betting is the root of the features and contents of the book. Tropiano already wrote a series of books that zero in guides to football betting. He also developed a site in 2017 to help fanatics track the value of bets in European Leagues.

Formulating the best football betting strategy requires patience and understanding, but grabbing such a detailed book can really increase your chances of getting a better edge especially if you are fond of computer programming in your spare or professional time.

Football Betting Tips & Systems (Jimmy Austin)

Adapting is very important, especially with how football plays and matches progress. This book by Jimmy Austin will help you win more money through 20 simple tips. Football Betting Tips & Systems focuses on utilizing a system called xG. It is a metric that can help you predict the potential goals of a team of players.

Mastering the expected goal (xG) system can help you succeed with your betting. And, Austin’s book promises to help you with that. However, some readers have mixed reactions to the book. Some show delights with how the book is jam-packed with information. In contrast, some are saddened by the fact that there are only a few examples inside.

The book focuses on systems to use for a higher chance of positive predictions. It does not involve how to dig into the previous performance of football teams and players. But, the book assures you you’ll win after knowing how to use the systems they provide.

Football Hackers: The Science and Art of a Data Revolution (Christoph Biermann)

“The future of football is now.” It is a powerful quote by which the publisher and the author describe the book. The “Football Hackers” is about the other aspects of football: data and analysis. Christoph Biermann explains that football is not only about physical strength. But it is also about mental power.

This book focuses on the data and information from the previous football matches. These pieces of information are the materials used to analyze how a game will turn out. It can also help you assess and predict the future performance of certain players and teams. The recipes to achieve football victories are also discussed in this book.

This book from Biermann is like a trip to the minds of professional football thinkers. This book will not only help football clubs, but punters can enjoy it as well. By reading the book, you’ll be able to think like a pro. Hence the successful bets.

Compared to the previous ones on the list, this book’s focus is on assessing the games. Thus, it is of great relevance if you want a sure win.

Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Football Tactics (Jonathan Wilson)

If you’re up for more technical football tactics, Jonathan Wilson’s book is the right one for you. “Inverting the Pyramid” discusses how strategies and tactics in the sport change. His book is like a little time machine that can take you on the old-aged football plays.

The trends, changes in players’ functions, and professionals’ thinking are among the contents. So, if you’re a punter, how can this book help you? Simple, you’ll know the team’s plans and strategies, which is the key ingredient for a successful bet. If you know how the club and its members function, you’ll be able to assess their future performance.

Some parts of the book are not something a casual football fan might appreciate. But as other football fans have said, this book is a challenge. It is the key to understanding how the minds of football professionals work. Hence an in-depth understanding of the sport.

The book may not cover much about betting strategy, systems, and models, but it is helpful.

Formulating the best betting strategy is something that you can’t do overnight. It requires patience, data, and understanding of the various systems and models found within the game itself. And, the best way to be knowledgeable about something is through reading books and a lot of practice (i.e., lost money).

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