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What are Surebets and How Do They work in Football Betting?

One of the ways punters can increase their winning opportunities is to use sure bets – which are one of the most popular betting strategies that gamblers use

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Football is arguably the most popular and most dynamic sport in the world. Its viewership is comparable to no other sports across countries and also the favourite of punters from all across the globe for obvious reasons. Football betting offers gamblers a wide variety of bet types with high winning potentials.

One of the ways that punters can increase their winning opportunities is to use sure bets. Surebets are one of the most popular betting strategies that gamblers use to significantly increase their winnings. They are designed to improve the winning chances of punters across different bets.

What are Surebets?

Also known as arbitrage betting, surebets originated from the financial market and it is a method that makes it possible to take advantage of the market. For sports betting, it provides the platform where punters can spread their money across different possible outcomes on a particular event with the assurance of making a profit, irrespective of the actual outcome of the game.

Usually, the winning bet covers other losing bets, which means that no matter how a game turns out to be, a bettor will make a profit at the end of the day.

How Do Surebets work in Football Betting

There are two ways that surebets work in football. There are football surebets between two bookmakers and between a bookmaker and an exchange. Let us look at these two in detail.

  • Football Surebets between Two Bookmakers

This is a situation where a punter tracks down two interactive bookmakers that offer odds on a particular event. For instance, if there is a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and one bookmaker offers 3.7 odds for Real Madrid and 1.3 for Barcelona to win. Meanwhile, the second bookmaker offers 2.9 odds for Real Madrid and 1.4 for Barcelona to win.

To use surebets, you will bet on Barcelona with one bookmaker and Real Madrid with the other. With this, you are bound to win one of the wagers. It is crucial to understand that the wagers you should place for surebets should be comparative to the value of the odds to make a significant profit.

  • Football Surebets between a Bookie and an Exchange

The second option of using surebets is to estimate the surebets between a bookie and an exchange. Punters can bet on a particular event and they can also back or buy the outcome or do the opposite, which is to lay or sell it to improve their profit or reduce losses.

For instance, if a punter wants to bet on a match between Liverpool and Manchester City, the odds of Liverpool winning are 1.90 while they are 2.20 for Manchester City. The punter must first calculate the assumed probability, which is 52.63% in the first case and 45.45% in the second. When these values are added, the total margin for the market becomes 98%.

If the lay cost for Manchester City to win is placed at 2.20, betting that the team will lose with the exchange is 1.86, which means that the margin of the market is 99.21%. This provides a surebet that indicates a good betting opportunity.


Although it may be difficult for you to calculate surebets on your own, you can find platforms that offer surebets that you can use. Using surebets undoubtedly increases your winning potential because you are sure to make a profit irrespective of the outcome of a game event.

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