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Check Out Predicted Lineups Premier League Tips

You can’t win at Fantasy Premier League (FPL) if you don’t arm yourself with the best knowledge available to you. Check out some vital tips to help you

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You can’t win at Fantasy Premier League (FPL) if you don’t arm yourself with the best knowledge available to you. In what can be a rigorous routine before each gameweek, remembering to view the Premier League predicted lineups is probably the first step and, also, one of the most important.

While there is certainly some luck involved in having a good FPL campaign, there is also plenty of skill and ‘brainwork’ that deserves recognition. With over 7 million players signed up to the official Premier League fantasy football competition for this season, it really will take something special to come out on top.

Why Predicted Lineups Are So Important

Every little inch you can take in FPL, you must grab it with both hands. You’ve got to familiarise yourself with the best and most-reliable football sites that provide up-to-the-minute information.

Ahead of every deadline, you’ll need to read this week’s predicted lineups for premier league fixtures before deciding on any changes to make. Yes, you’ll have transfers that will depend on predicted lineups. Yet, even if you are not bringing any new players into your team this week, you can still avail of the predicted lineups to decide your first eleven. Don’t forget, you must always remember to put your substitutes in the order you think best too. Of course, there is always the question of who to select as your captain and vice captain as well. Think of Manchester City players. Don’t captain someone like Riyad Mahrez without checking that the football sites believe Pep Guardiola will actually start him in this round. There is nothing more demoralising in fantasy football than seeing your captain sitting on the bench. It’s even worse if he makes a cameo appearance for the final few minutes of the match, without any real opportunity to earn you FPL points.

A Regular FPL Routine

There are many different ways to go about the same process. In FPL terms, you will need to create your own routine. You could read some tips on what the best players do ahead of each gameweek, take a little from those, and incorporate them into your own methods. Once you’ve settled into a system, it will become your modus operandi, so to speak.

Factors to consider when devising your regular process include: whether you are going to risk making early transfers before the price changes are implemented, which sites you are going to use to check on Premier League injuries and the like.

Suspended Players and How to Check

In the English Premier League, the first basic rule of suspension for players is that five yellow cards in the first half of the season will lead to a one-game ban.

Anyone who is sent off due to a second yellow card in the same match will receive a one-match ban. The same is said for players who get a straight red card after committing a professional foul.

There are heavier bans for in-game offences such as dissent. If the dissent leads to a red card, the player gets a two-game ban. Violent conduct can be punished by a suspension of three or more matches.

Don’t try to keep tabs on all the yellow and red cards throughout the season yourself, though. That would be a lot of unnecessary work for you. Find reliable sources that you know will have up-to-date information which will aid you in your FPL decision-making.

FPL Tips

Some final practical FPL tips to remember:

  • set reminders on your phone ahead of each gameweek deadline so you never forget to do your team
  • read the various fantasy football scout articles that are available all over the internet
  • view fixture analysis pages so you can plan for more than just one gameweek at a time.

Finally, try to have fun if you can! It’s amazing to think how far fantasy football has grown in recent years. It’s one of the talking points among friends every weekend throughout the Premier League season. While the competition is huge now, it’s worth remembering that it is still a game, at the end of the day.

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