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How can a Thai player bet on football games from London

Thai bettors can bet on football matches in different parts of the world,  from within the UK. Find out everything you need to know here.

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A Thai living in London might wonder how to bet on football games. It sounds impossible but thanks to technology, Thai bettors can wager on matches in different parts of the world,  from the UK. The last thing that a football fan wants to do is miss out on betting on a controversial match. So, what does a gambler who lives in the UK do when they want to bet on football matches?

Gambling is already a popular industry, with online betting forming a major faction. However, sports betting sites thrive in the UK. In addition to being the wellspring of football, London, UK is revered for its stadiums and football tourism. In fact, recent studies indicate that football tourism is a significant contributor to the country’s economy.

Gambling on football is a common form of entertainment in the UK, particularly in London. The market is expanding at huge rates across all cultures and genders. The football betting options in the UK are limitless. From major leagues to friendly games and international matches.

As it turns out, there is a seamless way of keeping up with worldwide football without leaving your home in London. Thanks to online bookmakers, you can participate in various games from the comfort of your sofa.

Find a top UK casino site that offers football betting options

This is the most important step for anyone who is trying to bet on football from the UK. Finding a reliable sportsbook in the UK is straightforward. Most experienced Thais in the UK keep up with football on casino review sites like Top Thai Bet. Still, there are important factors to consider when looking for a sportsbook with soccer bets.

Licensed casinos

There are special gambling laws that apply to anyone betting online, while in the United Kingdom jurisdiction. The safest and only legal way to bet in Britain is by gambling on UKGC licensed casino sites.

Competitive Odds and probabilities

Betting is never consistent, sometimes there are wins and other times, one does not get so lucky. There are various ways of levelling the odds in your favour. To get the full value for money, people must know how to place wagers at the best possible prices. Analyse the data presented on the site to further determine if the bookie is worth the time.

Where are the bonuses and promotions?

There is no fun in betting on football at casino sites without any bonus. Thais are big fans of football betting bonuses as well as jackpots. This is a good thing, as bonuses give bettors extra cash and free bets, without them having to dig deeper into their pockets. There are many types of bonuses including welcome bonuses, loyalty programs, cashback and seasonal bonuses.

What about Thai language support?

Research has shown that Thai nationals living in foreign countries, still prefer betting online using Thai or Siamese language. Above all, a bookie that avails football must also allow native language for easier betting and inclusivity.

Reliable customer support

Football betting is a turbulent affair and this could instantly change from a loss to a win and vice versa. That is why you need a sportsbook with a 24/7 customer support team. The best-performing betting sites with football also offer reliable customer service to all gamblers.

How Thais bet on football games when living in the UK

Technology and innovation have brought forth online betting and smart gamblers are taking advantage of all the perks. While wagering on popular casino games like slots depends on luck, football betting is a little different. Using the right money management strategies might help to increase your chances of winning.

So, how does a person of Thai nationality bet on football matches from London, UK?

1.   Create an account

Before you can start making bets, a registered and verified account is required. This means players might have to submit various identification documents to the bookie. A few gamblers are sceptical about providing their information. However, it is worth noting all UKGC licensed sites must offer data protection to their members.

2.   Accept the welcome bonus

The new player bonus is a token of appreciation given to people who have just signed up at the bookmaker’s site. Nevertheless, wise punters always check the wagering requirements before accepting the bonus. It is a smart strategy for anyone who wants to easily withdraw their wins without having to meet a wagering requirement.

3.   Choose football matches to bet on

Wondering which football matches to wager on? Being in London, thousands of kilometres away from Thailand might mean being a little behind on the latest news. However, gamblers can follow football news on reliable sports sites before making a decision. In the same line, players must not pick football games because they are the ‘people’s favourite.’ The most important things to consider when choosing a match are the stakes, RTP and Odds.

4.   Make a bet and wait

Once you are sure which team you are supporting for the match and why make a bet. Live bets reveal the results faster than typical games but the point is to be patient, no matter the game. While some players withdraw immediately after a win, others re-invest the win into more bets. Bottom line is, all top bookmakers offer a wide range of payment methods including bank transfers, e-wallets and cards.


Generally, it is easy for Thais living in London to bet on football games online. There is already an in-exhaustible pool of sportsbooks in Britain and most offer English and global leagues. At the end of the game, the main purpose of gambling is to have fun. Therefore, players should gamble responsibly and never forget to take advantage of the bonuses!

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