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How does football betting work? Everything you need to know

No matter how much experience you have with football betting, you can’t win all the time. By understanding all the bets, you will have more chances. Read on to learn more

If you are into football betting, you will have thousands of matches to bet on every week. Depending on the bookmakers, you can bet on different odds. For example, you can bet on the number of goals scored in a football match, or the amount of red and yellow cards shown, etc… In this article, we will look into the most popular types of bets on football. Then, you can sign up an account and try it with Kubet bookmaker.

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#1: Match bet

As simple as it sounds, the match bet is a type of football betting in which you bet on the result of a football match. The main odds include a win for the home team, a loss for the home team, or a draw. These bets are paid out on the outcome when the main half finishes. That means no matter what happens after the official 90 minutes in extra time, it won’t affect the winning bet.

#2: Double chance

With this type of bet, there are three outcomes that give you more chances to win. They are: Home team or draw, Home team or away team, Away team or draw. By choosing one of them, you will be paid out with just either of them winning.

If you don’t like to take a lot of risks in football betting, you should opt for a double chance bet. However, keep in mind that the odds are lower.

#3: Bet builder/same game multi

Although this type of football betting is relatively new, it’s getting more and more popular lately. They are more like an accumulator of outcomes from one match than a few matches.

If you know more about both teams, you will have more chances to win. It’s perfect for those who prefer to place small-stake bets at the bigger odds than to bet on each individual market.

#4: Player props/player stats

The player props bets are also gaining their popularity over the years. Not only can you bet on various Premier League matches, but also other games in international tournaments. This type of bet allows you to bet on players who will have a number of shots or tackles.

Aside from that, you can even bet on the number of free-kicks or goal-kicks in a match. Some bookmakers have these bets available, some don’t. But it’s still very likely for you to find them on any random bookmakers because they want to give more value to players. Although they sound simple, don’t stake on these bets too confidently as football can be very unpredictable.

#5: Half-time/full-time

This type of football betting is simple. It allows you to bet on the result of the first half and/or the second half. Depending on your opinion about the teams, you can bet on the home team to win, the away team to win, or just a draw.

If you don’t know the teams well, it will be difficult for you to predict who will be the stronger team. Besides, it’s also helpful to learn whether key players are missing in the game due to injury or any other reason with this type of bet.

#6: Accumulator bet

Known as a popular form in the betting market around the world, the accumulator bet is a type of football betting that combines multiple selections into one bet and more importantly, it offers the potential reward of big returns for small stakes. However, you have to win all the bets in order to receive a payout. This is a huge risk. But which football betting type doesn’t come with risk?

#7: Goalscorer betting

As you can tell from the title, you will bet on a particular player who will score during a match. There are different outcomes that you can bet on, for example, your selection can be the first or the last goalscorer of the match. You can even bet on him to score at any time during the match. However, don’t expect to win a lot of money because there is a higher chance for that to happen.

#8: Draw No Bet

What you bet on is the outcome of a match, but you can get your stake back if it ends in a draw. It’s not so popular but it’s a fun bet to try.

#9: Correct score/Scorecast/Wincast

A correct score bet is a type of football betting that allows you to predict the final score of a match. Because it’s not easy to predict the exact score, you will find attractive prices for correct score bets.

A Scorecast is a combination of selecting a goalscorer and the correct score. Meanwhile, a Wincast is a similar type of football betting to a Scorecast, but it combines selecting a goalscorer and the outcome of the match. You will have a higher chance to win because it is easier to predict the outcome than the scoreline.

#10: Over and Under betting

With this type of football betting, you will bet on the total number of times an event will happen. For example, how many goals, corners, red cards, yellow cards there are during a football match.

You will bet based on a baseline number that is allocated by bookmakers. Your bet will be more (over) or fewer (under) than that number. For example, the baseline number of goals scored during the match is 1.5. If there are 2 goals and you bet on Over, you will win the bet. On the other hand, you will lose if you bet on Under.

#11: In-play betting

This football betting type lets you make a bet on an outcome during an event. You can bet on the next goalscorer or the next player to receive a yellow card.

You can have a lot of fun with football betting, but keep in mind that there are no sure bets. Even though you are knowledgeable about the players, the teams, or you have done plenty of research, there is still a chance that you will be in shock with the result. This is why it’s important to choose the right bet. There are different types of bets as we introduced. Hopefully, you could find the one that increases your chance of winning.

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