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New to Football Betting? Avoid These Common Rookie Errors

Here we look at some common rookie errors that people new to football betting need to watch out for. Check out these vital tips.

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Sports betting has been transformed in recent years. Not so long ago, it was a slightly shady activity undertaken in grimy betting shops behind frosted glass. These days, putting a couple of pounds on your favourite team is all part of the Saturday afternoon experience for the average fan.

It adds to the fun and excitement, and it has created a booming sports betting industry, so it’s good news for the fans, for the bookies and for the economy. But it does mean there are plenty of people out there placing bets with only a vague clue as to what they are doing. That could be a recipe for disaster, so watch out for these common rookie errors that are waiting to trip you up.

Choosing the wrong betting site

There are dozens of online bookies out there, so you can afford to be fussy. Yes, bonuses and promos are great, but don’t let them seduce you into signing up with a substandard bookie. Check the important things like a good choice of payment methods and rapid withdrawals. Also, read a few independent reviews before you sign up. For example, this one discusses how to withdraw from Bet365.

Overdoing the accas

Everyone loves an accumulator or parlay from time to time. We all dream of being like that guy who won half a million from a 30p bet. But here’s the thing – that actually happened more than 20 years ago, and the fact that people still talk about it today should tell you something. The truth is accas are a cash cow for bookies and generally a pipe dream for punters. That’s not to say you need to avoid them completely. But don’t get drawn into the crazy 10-leg match odds accumulators. Stick to three or four at most and consider an alternative to match odds such as golden goals, where you are just betting on both teams to score. The odds might not be so attractive, but you are in with a more realistic chance of a win.

Mixing drink and betting

Nobody is banning you from a beer or a glass of wine, but here’s a question to consider. Why do the Las Vegas casinos keep handing out free drinks to punters as long as they keep gambling? It’s either because they are full of generosity and want people to be happy, or it’s because they know they’ll get reckless and start placing ill-advised bets that will more than make up the cost of those vodka martinis. Keep everything in moderation, or it can soon stop being fun.

Chasing a loss

This can lead you down an even darker road than betting under the influence. When you regularly bet on sport, you’ll win some and lose some. When you lose, you have to take it philosophically, and avoid placing another bet to try to make up for it. That’s known as chasing the loss and it can rapidly spiral out of control, so don’t even start.

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