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Best IPL betting odds – IPL 2022 Betting Sites

The Indian Premier League is a unique event in the world of cricket, which has long won a wide audience. Here are the best places to bet on the IPL.

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Where to find best IPL betting odds?

The Indian Premier League is a unique event in the world of cricket, which has long won a wide audience. The championship is watched all over the world and especially in India. All top bookmakers offer their services for sports betting. Moreover, some of them offer very good conditions.

If you are new to betting and want to try betting on IPL 2022, then use our review. Here you will find all the information you need about odds, get a couple of tips and check out our top online betting sites for IPL.

Top-10 IPL betting sites

We would like to provide you with rating of top IPL betting sites. All of them have good ratings and reviews. Most importantly, they are all safe and reliable to use. You can be sure of their honesty. Also, they have a number of advantages over other platforms.

  1. Betway;
  2. Casumo;
  3. 10Cric;
  4. Rabona;
  5. 22bet;
  6. 1xBet;
  7. ComeOn!;
  8. Pure Win;
  9. Melbet;
  10. Leon Bet.

Cricket betting in India

In more detail, cricket is the national sport in India. According to general statistics, about 80% of all bets from this country on foreign online platforms fall on cricket. This suggests that it is extremely profitable for bookmakers to offer their services here.

Another reason for the popularity of cricket betting in India on the online platform is that there are no other options. Any gambling activity and the introduction of such a business are prohibited in the country. This means that you will not find land-based establishments here. On the other hand, betting sites are legal and not prohibited.

IPL 2022 – what’s news?

Before talking about the odds, we will share with you the latest information about IPLbetting in 2022.

Data of the championship

As you know, the championship in 2021 was cancelled due to the pandemic. This suggests that the Indians are looking forward to the start of the IPL. The games will begin on March 26 and will last until May 29, 2022.

All teams

The number of teams that will take part in the championship will be 10. This is the maximum number in recent times. Among them will be well-known favorites such as Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Also, you will find less successful teams that have every chance of winning this season. Among them are Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, Lucknow Super Giants, and some others. In total, more than 70 games will be played in the playoff and group format.

All about odds

In simple terms, odds are a measure of how much a team or team has an advantage and opportunity to win. The lower the coefficient, the greater the chance that this particular participant will win.

So, for example, the Mumbai Indians always often have lower odds than other teams. This is understandable, since the team won the IPL 5 times. The same is true for the Chennai Super Kings who won the last championship. Their odds are 5.50 and 6.50 respectively.

While teams like Sunrisers Hyderabad and Lucknow Super Kings have odds of 13.0.

Our special tips for newcomers in the world of betting

For new players in the field of betting, we have prepared some tips. They are suitable for both beginners and those who want to bet on the IPL. Check them out before starting the game.

  1. Make sure you know the rules of the game well. If this is an IPL, then once again review all the nuances of the rules;
  2. Place bets only on trusted sites and bookmakers. The further process of the game largely depends on this. Moreover, always check if the site has a license. It speaks of safety and legality;
  3. Review all participants and conduct research. Study the statistics of teams’ games, their composition, chances of winning, and so on;
  4. Understand odds and bet types;
  5. Don’t bet big all at once if you’re new. Start with small amounts to gain experience and develop your strategy;
  6. Always use all platform bonuses. This will help you win at minimal own costs;
  7. Know how to stop in time and do not give in to emotions, stress or the effects of alcohol.

These tips do not guarantee you victory, but they can definitely minimize the risk of losing.


Which teams can win the 2022 IPL?

If you pay attention to the odds, then the absolute favourites are two teams – Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. But this does not mean that they will definitely win the championship. There are other teams that have a slightly higher performance.

What are the best sites to use to bet on IPL 2022?

There are many good IPL betting platforms. All of them offer good terms of use for players from India. But we advise you to use platforms such as Betway, 22bet, Leon Bet, Melbet, Rabona, Pure Win, Casumo, 1xBet, 10Cric, and ComeOn!.

What advice do beginners in betting need to start the game?

To start a successful game, your first step is to choose a safe and secure platform. Then study the rules of the game, odds, bet types and participating teams. View the statistics of the latest games, also be able to stop in time and use bonuses.

When will the new Indian Premier League 2022 take place?

In 2022, the IPL will take place in the spring from March 26 to May 29. In total, there will be about 70 matches in the playoff and group format.

How safe is it to bet on IPL 2022 in India?

As you know, bets and any other gambling activity are prohibited in the country. However, nothing is said about the use of foreign online platforms. They are legal and not accountable to Indian law.

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