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Why Soccer is Popular

Why is soccer so popular around the world? What are the factors making this a favourite sport, and a national sport for most countries?


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Sports news and statistics show that it is the most popular sport in 226 countries. When you mention soccer, some countries like Brazil, Germany, England, Spain, and Italy, all stand out just off the top of your head.

Surprisingly, China tops the list of countries with the most soccer fans (187 million). Why is soccer so popular around the world? What are the factors making this a favourite sport, and a national sport for most countries?

Easy to Learn and Play

Before you even get into the rules of playing a soccer game, the first concept to know is how to kick a ball. Everyone knows how to kick something, at a young age.

The scoring system in soccer is very straightforward, and this is a perfect sport for kids to learn quickly. You only need a few months to teach someone the basic soccer skills, and a maximum of 2 years to make them a good player on the field.

However, it takes several years of practice, persistence, and hard work for one to become a professional at the sport.

Another reason that makes soccer an easy sport to play is that it can be played on any surface, be it on grass, concrete, or even sand.

Investment and Source of Income

Soccer is a very lucrative sport. The kind of lifestyle that professional footballers live can tell it all. That is the reason many parents support their children who would want to make soccer their career.

To say there are many soccer clubs in the world would be an understatement. From internationally recognized clubs to grass-root teams, whose players are earning from the game.

Sponsorship and Advertisement

Soccer is a big business. Many companies understand that they need numbers to stay afloat. With so many teams and clubs at their disposal, well-established companies offer sponsorship to teams of their choice.

With sponsorship comes a lot of advertisements from the respective teams. This is evident in the branding around the teams, like on their playing jerseys. An example is Emirates Airline which sponsors several clubs including Real Madrid and Arsenal.

Soccer-Related Companies

Many companies produce soccer products like jerseys, playing boots, and nets, among others. Examples are Adidas, Nike, Wilson, and Puma. These companies have to do extensive marketing of their products around the world.

They get into partnership deals with soccer teams/clubs that can help them push their products.

Rise of Social Media

56.8% of the world’s population is on at least one social media platform. Professional soccer players have a big following on these platforms. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the best soccer players in the world.

They are the 1st  and 3rd most-followed people on Instagram, with 437 million and 324 million followers respectively as of May 2022.

Social media is a place of fun, but it’s also where we get most information almost instantly.

Betting Companies

There is a rise in the number of online betting sites. Soccer is the most widely-bet sport in the world. Its unpredictability makes it so popular. One has to be well updated about the teams before they can place a bet.

The rising number of betting platforms makes the competition among themselves healthy. Each company comes up with something that will make it attract more gamblers.

Many Competitions

From local leagues to continental and international competitions, soccer remains to be the most played team sport in the world.

Competitions like UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, FIFA World Cup, and an Africa Cup of Nations, just to mention a few, keep us entertained all year long.

Government Support

Many countries have soccer as a national sport. The governments have to be directly involved with the sport, especially in terms of funding.

Nurturing young talents is also part of the government’s responsibility. There are academies in most countries supported by the government for this purpose.


A soccer game is entertaining to watch. Soccer fans are evenly spread across the globe. Soccer is a national sport for most countries around the planet.

Soccer is an easy sport to play and helps you exercise and stay healthy. This is the reason it is among the first games learned by children.

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