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Best Football Players in 2022

Here we look at some leading candidates for who has been the best footballer on the planet during 2022 so far. Does Lionel Messi make the cut?

kylian mbappe

It’s hard to decide who will be the best player in the world because there are many candidates that are great in their roles. You can visit the best online casino and check what their thoughts are, but everyone has their own opinion especially if they are a fan. There will always be doubts when it comes to the top picks and who will win the golden shoe.

You should also check different factors for each role like how many goals they scored, how many assists, what was the most beautiful goal, and how they influenced the game. A striker will always be on top of the list which some consider unfair especially when there are some amazing defenders nowadays.

But, strikers will always be the highlight of every game and it usually ends up the most demanding role. As Messi and Ronald become older, there’s a huge opportunity for other players, so it’s expected that things change in the upcoming years.

Kylian Mbappe – PSG

Definitely the youngest player on the list, Kylian has proven that he’s worth the money when France won the world cup against Croatia. Even the player that won the best player award for the cup, Luka Modric, didn’t have a chance versus France.

Each season is a new all-time high for Mbappe and with over 100 goals scored for PSG, he’s on his way to becoming the best player in the world. He did an amazing job in the championship but to everyone’s amazement, they didn’t get to the finals.

There’s a huge chance that Mbappe will leave PSG next year and the best club for him would be Real Madrid. They made a huge comeback after Ronaldo left them for Juventus and now they are gaining a new fan base after reaching the champions league finals.

Karim Benzema – Real Madrid

One of the players that the whole team should thank for reaching the CL finals should be Benzema. He and the whole team made an amazing run and took out the favorites Manchester City after being down by 1 goal.

Besides Manchester City, Karim managed to make 2 hat tricks versus Chelsea and PSG which are very tough opponents. Even if he isn’t among the young players, he’s proven that he still has the skill to be on top of the list. This is for sure his best season of all time which is a big advantage for Real Madrid considering they will have a hard task against Liverpool.

Lionel Messi – PSG

2022 might not be the best season for Messi but he’s making big progress in PSG considering he spent a lot of time in Barcelona. He dominated the scene for the last 15 years and has proven many times that he’s a fair opponent for Ronaldo who didn’t make any progress this year.

There’s a reason why he won multiple Ballon d’Ors and why many think of him as the best player of all time. There is also a huge chance that he won’t be on the list by the end of the season because the statistics for this year are bad, but you never know what Messi has in his pockets for the next.

Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski or as some call him Lewangolski is one of the players with the most goals scored in consecutive games in a row. In 360 games he managed to score 330 goals and in 29 Bundesliga games, he scored 41 goals. His one big disappointment was that he didn’t win the Ballon d’Or after his best season in 2020.

There are a few more players that should be on the list like Christiano Ronaldo and Erling Haaland. Ronaldo had a poor performance this year and many say that his transfer to Manchester United was a bad move. On the other hand, Haaland scored 72 goals in 71 matches which is outstanding for his age but it’s a team game and they didn’t make it too far in the top leagues.

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