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Why is Football the Most Popular Sport?

With over 4 billion followers and over 250 million people playing the sport, football can’t be compared to any other when it comes to numbers.

With over 4 billion followers and over 250 million people playing the sport, football can’t be compared to any other when it comes to numbers. For example, if you look for NASCAR picks and you compare the results to soccer odds, you will find out that most bookies have numerous offers for multiple football leagues. That’s because the number of viewers determines the influence on casinos.

There are a lot of reasons why it’s the most popular sport besides having a huge following. It’s not the oldest one that was ever played but it’s one of the simplest when it comes to rules and requirements. Nowadays, you need to have great shoes to be able to play but a few decades ago, you didn’t need anything except a ball.

Anyone Can Play it

There are a lot of sports that can be played by anyone but when you look at rugby, it’s most likely that a skinny person won’t do it. Some sports require a specific physique so you can even become an average player. For example, to become great at basketball, you need to reach a certain height so you can compete with other players.

Besides being physically capable to play, it’s also affordable for anyone in the world even in the poorest countries in Africa. There are plenty of YouTube videos where you can see them playing barefoot with a rubber ball on bumpy soil. Also, you don’t need to have 11 players like in regular games, there are fields for 5v5 or 7v7 games.

Easy to Understand

When you look at the youngest audience, it’s much easier to explain to them how to play football instead of basketball. There are some rules in basketball like “traveling” which are hard for kids to implement in their gameplay. When it comes to football, the whole point is to send the ball between two posts which represents a goal.

You can explain that they can’t play with their hands and that playing aggressively can result in a foul. Because it’s easy to understand, more kids are prone to playing football than other sports and that’s how you build your long-term audience.

It’s International

You may think that some sports are played all over the world but most of them lack presence in some parts of the world. For example, cricket is the second most popular sport and you can rarely see it in Europe. You can find a football club in every country in the world and some of them have 10 leagues you can play in.

Another important thing to mention is the world cup which is the most-watched sports event in the world. It brings the best players together to play for their country which is considered an honour. Meanwhile, in a sport like basketball, many players consider the NBA more important than playing for their national team.

It Requires Dedication

Many players have proven to us that dedication beats talent which is hard to say for other sports where you need to have physical advantages from the beginning. Football requires skills that can be learned if you put in enough time and effort. It’s like juggling a ball where you need to do it many times over and over again to master it.

Passionate Fanbase

There are a lot of football fans that are dedicated to their team and they follow the club everywhere they go. But, that’s nothing new compared to other sports unless they make large choreographs and songs that they will sing during the whole game. On many occasions, you won’t even see a few minutes of the match because of the atmosphere and things that are going on.

Even if you are not a football fan, there are some games that everyone should experience in their lifetime. The atmosphere in these games is amazing and the effort these fans put in is outstanding. Pyrotechnics, flags, choreographs, and transparents are standard things these games can’t happen without.

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