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How To Bet On MLS Cup – Odds Of Winning 2022


The need for a recognized professional soccer league in North America is the factor that gave birth to MLS. Since this sport’s inception, it has become one of the most exciting leagues. It is commonly regarded as North America’s version of the English PL. On its introduction, the tournament had a rocky start, but not long ago, things started to change, and the tournament’s popularity began to skyrocket.

The league started with ten clubs and has expanded to 23 clubs from the United States and three from Canada, making 26 in total. Each team plays 14 playoffs and 34 regular season games for the MLS cup, which is decided in November. The tournament has become one of the most exciting sports in the gambling industry as it offers the opportunity to win real money. However, you need to understand the game and a betting strategy to stand a better chance.

Understanding MLS Odds

Odds are the ratio between the amounts wagered by the gambler and the possibility of the outcome. If the gambler’s prediction comes to pass, the wagered will be multiplied by the odds placed on the game. MLS, one of the most popular gambling sports in the world, has many ways gamblers can wager, and each section has different odds depending on those playing.

Apart from the final correct score, there are hundreds of possibilities: bets can be placed regardless of the casino you choose, it can be done on the goal scorers, numbers of corners, the number of fouls, live betting, etc. However, the future odds of the game keep changing due to changes in the strength and weaknesses of the clubs. In case you are looking for a minimum risk experience, check out the reviews for the low deposit casino Сanada, where you can choose a reliable site for a rewarding yet secure gambling experience.

What Are The Odds For MLS Teams?

MLS soccer odds are pretty similar to every other sport. It is quite easy to read and understand. However, the odds given to each team varies based on their performances. Clubs with a higher chance of success are given lower odds compared to sides with a higher possibility of losing. In this article, you will find the 2022 odds of some popular MLS clubs.



Austin FC+650


New York Red Bulls+1,400
Los Angeles Galaxy


Columbus Crew


Seattle Sounders


New England Revolution


CF Montreal



Analyzing the 2022 MLS Cup Betting Favourites

To qualify for the cup, the leading 7 squads in each conference are pitched against each other while the winner in each category plays the semifinals and the two finals contest. Some clubs are considered top-tier due to their dominance and good performance. Among the favourites is NYCFC, the defending champion, and LAFC. However, some clubs will likely win the 2022 cup based on some factors. This article provides you with some information about the clubs.

Los Angeles FC

Since its creation in 2014 and joining in 2018, the team has become one of the leading franchises. The soccer club competes in Major League Soccer as a member club of the Western Conference. The club is sitting at the top position of the western conference 2022 table and has odds of +320.

New York City FC

Matt Turner

This is one of the contending clubs for the MLS cup. Due to the team’s impressive performance, they became the majority’s favourite. Though the club started the season with a rough performance, they’ve managed to secure 2nd place in the eastern conference table, with +440 odds of lifting the cup.

Philadelphia Union

The MLS side based in the Philadelphia metropolitan area is a club competing among the eastern clubs. The club has gotten off to an excellent start in 2022 and has emerged as the leader on the table. They are ahead of LAFC. The club has an odd of +750.

Betting Strategy: The popular MLS Betting Types

There are different forms of gambling on MLS compared to other popular North American sports like baseball, basketball, or football. It is important to understand the odds and learn some calculations before wagering. Once you get the hang of the calculations, you can embark on BetOnline on any betting type. They include the following:

Three-way Moneyline

Unlike other sports, where a three-way Moneyline involves wagering on whichever club is going to win, MLS three-way Moneyline adds the possibility that the match will end in a draw. The draw factor has the highest odds. To make a wager, you will play either the team will win or draw after full time.

For example:

  • Orlando City SC +350
  • LAFC -150
  • Draw +400

Spread Betting

Spread betting resembles traditional pro-sport point spreads. In this system, gambling platforms give the underdog an advantage before the match kick-off. The better team is given lesser value. MLS spreads are typically small.

For example:

  • Austin FC -1.5
  • Seattle Sounders FC +1.5

Over/Under or Totals Betting

This type is quite different from other sports. In this wager, the bettor needs to determine the number of goals scored by each or both teams, if it will be less or greater than the set number. You must be careful with this type of betting; look at the playing performance and how they match up with others.

MLS Futures

Betting odds are mostly determined by the sportsbook, and they vary depending on the platform. MLS futures betting is prevalent; it can be released months or weeks before the tournament begins. You can simply wager on the most likely team to lift the cup before the season starts. This allows you to earn thousands of dollars as the chances are high.

MLS Props Bet

This involves betting on some possibilities that are not related to the outcome of the match. In this type of gambling, you can predict the team you think will lead at Half and Full time, the number of corners, players to score, or the first side to score. You can also wager on the next side to score in the live section and the exact outcome of the game.

Bottom Line

This competition offers various wagering options and opportunities to make real money. You can choose any of the betting options suitable to your gambling style. Apart from the betting types mentioned above, there are also parlays and live or in-play wagering. However, regardless of your preferred option, it is important to conduct research before signing up on any gambling platform.

This article will provide you with the necessary details that will guide you in choosing the best option suitable for you. Although, they all offer great opportunities to earn money. You can be assured that you will have the best MLS gambling experience.

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