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Sports Betting Essentials: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This article provides advice on choosing a bookmaker, discusses the most common mistakes made by players, and the principles of running a bank for betting.


People who have never made sports bets may think that this activity is somewhat similar to the lottery. But this is absolutely not true! Only players who are distinguished by attentiveness, composure, and high interest in the chosen sports discipline can make a successful bet. In order to make money on bets, it is not enough just to understand the specifics of the competition. We recommend using the Betwinner promo code. It is necessary to get acquainted in detail with the rules of the selected bookmaker, as well as learn how to calculate the probability of various events. This article provides advice on choosing a bookmaker, discusses the most common mistakes made by players, and the principles of running a bank for betting.

Choosing a bookmaker

The first thing to do for people who want to make a decent profit through sports betting is to select a bookmaker. Many bookmakers attract new users with generous welcome bonuses for registration or first deposit. But for players who plan to play at a long distance, you need to consider other indicators.

When choosing a bookmaker, be guided by the following points:

  • Legality and reliability of the bookmaker
  • The value of the coefficients, compare the offers of several bookmakers
  • The vastness of the choice of sports disciplines, as well as the detail of the murals of meetings
  • Variety of bets in live mode
  • The convenience of a mobile application or a mobile version of the site
  • Availability of various options for payment and withdrawal of funds

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Match selection for betting

Novice users need to decide what sports discipline and what championship it will work with. Bookmakers provide players with the opportunity to bet on all kinds of tournaments, so the choice will be quite extensive. But it is important to remember that for a successful outcome of the bet, it is necessary to analyze the match in detail and correctly. Therefore, it is better not to try to cover too many competitions at once. This can negatively affect the accuracy of your forecasts.

First, you need to decide:

  1. In which sports discipline are you most competent?
  2. Which championship in this sport is the most prestigious and popular
  3. Which clubs are top

The most significant thing in sports betting is a qualitative analysis of the balance of power of opponents. A superficial study of the game of teams will not be enough for a successful outcome of the bet.

Game bank

Before placing bets, you need to determine your game bank. Its size should not exceed the amount that you could afford to lose without much damage in the event of an unsuccessful bet with a bookmaker. It is important to set the maximum drawdown of the bank. Then you won’t lose more than you can afford.

The size of the bet should come from the size of the game bank. One bet must not exceed 5% of the total funds in the bankroll. By making large bets, you can lose a significant amount of money.

Significant: for sports betting, you can use only free funds, the loss of which in case of defeat will not become critical for you.

There is an opinion that sports betting cannot be done without real money. But this is just delusion and prejudice. You can also bet with a bookmaker using a virtual account. Thanks to this, you can analyze your profitability at a distance, and then move on to betting for real money.

Questions and answers

Risk Mitigation Tips?

Of course, you can never be 100% sure that the bet will be winning. But by adhering to the following recommendations, you can significantly reduce the risks.

Are forecasts necessary?

First, don’t make too many quick predictions. Express consists of 2 or more games. And if the forecast for at least one of them turns out to be wrong, the whole bet will be untenable. If you still want to make this particular type of bet, choose no more than 3 outcomes with odds below 2.

Is it possible to play all at once?

Do not try to win back immediately if you are overtaken by a series of failures. It is better to calm down, think and analyze the reasons for the defeat. Review your strategies on paper or in a virtual account.

What if they don’t work?

Despite temporary setbacks, do not deviate from the chosen strategy. Chaotic actions can lead to negative bet results. Don’t bet on your favorite teams. Personal preferences can negatively affect the outcome of a bet. In betting, you need to maintain prudence and a cold mind.

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