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How to bet live on the NFL?

American football is the most popular sport in the US and the NFL is its flagship competition. Fans can also bet on its matches throughout the year.

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American football is the most popular sport in the US and the NFL is its flagship competition. Fans can also bet on its matches throughout the year, but the most exciting opportunities arise during the playoffs. The match that everyone is anxiously waiting for is the Super Bowl when the top two teams lock horns in an event watched by tens of millions. Punters who want to make things more exciting can place a friendly wager and in this guide, we explain how to bet on the NFL.

Bets illegally at licensed online bookmakers

The wheels of change were set in motion when states started to regulate gambling after many years of interdictions. The Supreme Court decision provided the impetus for more states to jump on the bandwagon and today there are many places across the US where you can bet legally. Finding a licensed and regulated bookmaker that covers American football isn’t difficult at all, as all the US-based bookies dedicate ample coverage to the NFL.

If you reside in a country or U.S state where live sports betting is legal like the UK or New Jersey, you can sign up for an account at one of the licensed live betting sites. The registration process will require you to use a valid email that can be later on the refined. Make sure you enter the correct information, so when the time comes to deposit and later on, withdraw winnings, you won’t have a problem. Read a few reviews before making up your mind, to increase the odds of finding the best sportsbook for your American football betting ambitions.

Seek value in the NFL odds

Once you have an account with a licensed bookmaker, you can start exploring its selection of matches and betting markets. The goal is to maximize the return on investment by always finding the best odds and these can only be accomplished if you understand how they work. Favorites have a negative (-) sign displayed in front of the odds, while the underdogs will have a positive (+) sign. The higher the number after the sign, the more likely it is for the favorite, respectively the underdog to win.

Once you make up your mind about the match you will be betting on, it is time to settle for a specific market and outcome. The Moneyline bets are the most popular because you simply need to predict the winner at the end of regulation time and overtime if needed. Another popular bet is on the total number of points scored, for the two teams combined or for each of the contesting squads. Punters also enjoy betting on the result at halftime and the combination of game totals after two halves.

The number of betting markets increases significantly when punters bet on evenly matched games between some of the best NFL teams. If you start your betting routine at the beginning of the season, by the time the Super Bowl comes, you will be an expert on NFL betting.

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