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A Sense Of Coolness Oozes Through Old Trafford

During the pre-match conference, Rio Ferdinand and Sir Alex Ferguson were completely at ease, and that mentality could propel Manchester United to a fruit-bearing season.
The two United stalwarts were completely composed and fully focused on the task at hand, an epic UEFA Champions League match with Chelsea, but yet they were also able to have a laugh or two, which is something that fans normally do not see at the business end of the season.

The Reds are normally in this sort of position every season, but to be so assured, not overly confident or cocky, of themselves, could very well be the difference maker that dictates how successful the club will be.

Trying to be successful normally comes with extreme stress levels and anxiety, but their is a certain mentality that permeates from the manager through to his players that help calm their nerves.

Experience can certainly help with that downfall, but it is the type of belief that Sir Alex bestows upon his players, both young and old, that will help them get through all of the cup finals that they are faced with until the end of the season. The Gaffer definitely has one of the best poker faces in the game, because he probably lies awake at night wondering about these highly-anticipated matches – no matter how many times he has been through them.

Ferguson knows just how strong of a personality he has, and with age, and ability to adapt, he has toned it down a bit. But the United Boss has also done well to surround himself with a variety of characters to counterbalance it as well.

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However, he has players spread throughout his 25-man squad that he can rely on in pressure situations that will help calm the nerves of the other players down.

There are many reasons why Sir Alex believes in players like Ferdinand, which makes it laughable that Harry Redknapp ever had the chance to sign him this summer with his nonsensical bid. The unreserved Spurs boss, like Ferguson, knows just how large of a personality Rio has, which is why he is worth his weight in gold being a leader at Old Trafford.

Rio was overlooked by Ferguson to be the long-term captain at United, but that does not mean that he lost his uncanny ability to lead.

Unlike some of the other leaders at the club, Ferdinand is able to guide the less experienced players with enthusiasm and playfulness, which offsets the manager’s hair-drying moments. That merrymaking type of personality cuts the edge off of the tension that could be filling the young player’s minds, and it also builds up their spirit.

Let’s face it, modern footballers are a different breed than what some fans, and Sir Alex, have been accustom to over the years, so it was imperative for the manager to soften up his approach. To combat his authoritative personality, the manager now shows a bit of compassion and pleasantry, which will, and should be portrayed by the players on the pitch.

It was uplifting to witness that Sir Alex Ferguson was able to show a jovial side ahead of the all-important match with Chelsea tomorrow, but nobody should be fooled to think that Manchester United will be all business tomorrow.

Submitted by The United Religion

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