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West Ham Looking for a Managerial Change?

The situation with West Ham manager David Moyes’ is getting complicated by the day. Could the Hammers be about to sack their boss?

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After winning the Europa Conference Club, West Ham has been in high spirits as Manager David Moyes tries to salvage a club rich in history to be the best version of themselves. 

Currently, in the Top 10 of the Premier League, the club understands that a lot of work needs to be done for the club to survive and finish in the Top 10. But there are concerns arising from the club on their manager’s future. 

David Moyes’s future Seems Uncertain 

The situation with West Ham manager David Moyes’ is getting complicated by the day. While there is no decision about extending the manager’s contract, a top source within the club says that there can be a conflict with Moyes’ working with new technical director Tim Steidten. 

There are rumors that Steidten’s arrival will also see Moyes out and Bayer Leverkusen manager Xabi Alonso appointed as manager. 

According to Seatsnet fan talk, Alonso was linked with his former clubs, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich, for a managerial position. But as it stands, this is different from a reality as these clubs have found suitors. 

However, the speculation about Alonso making it to the Premier League is strong. After Leverkusen’s manager denoted that there is no release clause for the manager and that he can leave if he wishes at the end of the season, this speculation is too good to ignore. 

This narrative implies a potential managerial shift for West Ham, moving away from Moyes and possibly toward Alonso, contingent on aligning factors, including Alonso’s availability and interest in the role. 

But the club’s stance is that there is no official decision yet, and if Moyes intends to extend his contract, it might open up a new plethora of possibilities that the club will need to steer through. 

Tough to Hire Alonso 

Despite Steiden making his way to West Ham, getting Xabi Alonso to the Hammers will be more challenging than it sounds. 

West Ham might still need help getting Xabi Alonso’s services, considering the progress Bayer Leverkusen is making right now. 

With a growing popularity in Germany, the club is going head to head with Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga and is currently unbeaten in the league. 

Credit for this goes entirely to Alonso, who has done extraordinarily well in getting a team to work together. The unbeaten run with 18 wins and two draws is getting everyone’s attention. 

This is a massive turnaround after finishing 14th in the league last year. It was evident that leading ticket resellers like Seatsnet are also considering more options for the Leverkusen games this season. 

West Ham fans, moving on from the Europa highs last season with their captain Declan Rice, are now heavily rooting for a young coach who could build the side. Alonso’s acumen was visible to all the Hammers’ fans when West Ham played the German side in the pre-season. 

However, Alonso’s burgeoning reputation, marked by his team’s attractive brand of football, has garnered admiration throughout Europe. If Alonso decides to move out, it might be more than West Ham who will be in the race to sign the former Madrid star. 

The challenges of attracting Alonso to West Ham are plenty. However, the relationship between Steidten and Alonso can be a potential advantage in this pursuit. The prospect of Alonso’s arrival at West Ham adds an intriguing dimension to the club’s future, but whether they can secure his services amidst growing competition remains to be determined. West Ham are 9th in the Premier League. 

Transfer Hype

Since their Europa win, there has been a certain amount of demand for tickets for games involving West Ham. Trusted ticket reseller platform Seatsnet also confirms this, as the ticket demand is now steadily rising. 

As West Ham is looking to spend big money in the transfer market, here’s the latest ahead of the January transfer window. 

Dominic Solanke – Key Target 

Manager David Moyes is looking for options that could sign with West Ham to fortify their attacking options. One of the key targets for Moyes is Dominic Solanke, who’s had an impressive stint with AFC Bournemouth, scoring six goals in 12 appearances in the Premier League. 

His exemplary style of play is Bournemouth’s biggest comfort as they look at survival in the Premier League. Letting go of their playmaker will be a tough call for the club. It could mean the club will require a substantial financial return for the player. 

Despite a previous unsuccessful bid, the Hammers seem determined to rekindle their interest in the former Liverpool striker. However, Bournemouth is keen on retaining Solanke and is in no rush to send the forward anywhere. And Solanke will be crucial for the side to avoid relegation, and the likelihood of Solanke joining the club in January is very little. 

Santiago Gimenez 

In another attempt to bring in new players, West Ham is now pursuing Feyenoord’s Santiago Gimenez, a promising option with an impressive goal-scoring record under his name. 

Feyenoord Rotterdam, one of the top-tier clubs in the Netherlands, has seen tremendous fanfare coming in awe of Gimenez, with trusted sellers on platforms such as Seatsnet handing out better deals for the right fans to see him play. 

But with a player of this form, the club will be reluctant to let him go and want him to complete the season. 

Gimenez’s standout performances have also drawn attention from top European clubs, and West Ham might be in trouble. Tottenham, Arsenal, and Atletico Madrid are interested, making the acquisition a competitive prospect for the Hammers.

Jonathan David 

The Canadian striker, Jonathan David from Lille, has sparked some interest around the entire football community with less than 18 months to go in his contract. He is also one of AC Milan’s key targets, and West Ham will need to act fast in the Summer of 2024 if they need him to be in England. 

Manager David Moyes is keen to bolster the striking options while managing the playing time of players such as Michail Antonio, who, at 33, needs attention to preserve him for the bigger games. 

Additionally, West Ham has their sights set on Jonathan David from Lille. With around 18 months left on his contract, the Canadian striker has become a subject of interest, particularly from AC Milan, who want to formalize their interest in the summer of 2024.

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