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Does Anyone Actually Want To Win The Title?

Earlier in this season, it was Chelsea who blew their title hopes despite building an ‘unassailable lead’, but they dropped off the pace and dropped to 5th at one point.

And now it’s Arsenal and Manchester United’s turns to offer the title to each other, as both of them wasted their chances to extend their lead/close the lead. So well, if you still don’t know the scores in mid week:

Newcastle 0 Manchester United 0  (highlights here)

Tottenham 3 Arsenal 3  (Highlights here)

Firstly, I want to say, well, it was another chance blown for Arsene Wenger’s men as Manchester United didn’t seem to have the bite to overcome Newcastle, whilst Arsenal looked like they had it in the bag when the score was 3-1…. but being typically Arsenal, they threw away the lead again.

Sczcesny, so desperate to prove himself out there, seemed to have one of the days he should forget, as his challenge on Aaron Lennon (as I said about Eboue), there was no need to get out of the goal and challenge him like that. Theo Walcott, whom said they needed this match as an apology for their early season blip against Spurs, tried really hard…. for 45 minutes before Arsenal went to sleep and conceded a rather silly penalty.

Are Chelsea back in the title race now?

Submitted by Two Liverpool Fans



  1. Brett

    April 21, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Absolute tosh.
    Lennon was through on goal and nobody was tracking him. Now whether or not he could’ve squared it in for a goal is a different matter but in those situations it’s possible it can happen and Chezzers had ran out twice to deny Bale in the 1st half and done so brilliantly. He needed to try and get there and was unlucky not to.

    To say that the day was one he should forget makes me question if you even watched the whole match. He made some of the best saves I’ve seen an Arsenal keeper make for a while and commanded the area brilliantly. The Lennon penalty was down to a lapse by Sagna which left him with a choice to make and he tried but failed. All keepers do it but heh. Your wording annoyed me that is all.

  2. Football

    April 21, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Arsenal are out of the race, Chelsea is back in this title race. Chelsea looks more determined and focused on their goal to defend the title. Arsenal keeps dropping points.

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