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A Typical Arsenal Game….

Well, it’s another 3 points dropped by the Gunners when they really should have won the game. So here’s what Two Liverpool Fans think of a routine Arsenal game these days:



“We still have a chance at a title, if we get all the remaining points, mathematically we can still win it.”


Arsenal get the ball rolling to start the game! And they are passing it around, trying to break down the opposition’s defence.

45 Minutes

And the game is 1-0 with Arsenal failing to break down the opposition and some clinical finishing by [Insert Name Here]. They really should be at least a goal up but they failed to make good chances.

60 Minutes

Equalizer! Robin Van Persie knocks in a header from inside the box and levels the score at Emirates/[Insert Stadium name of Home Team]. Arsenal really deserve this goal after lovely build up play.

80 Minutes

Goal! Arsenal have scored another goal again with Samir Nasri this time scoring for Arsenal with a lovely volley from outside the box. The Gunners now look perfectly poised to finish this match up.

87 Minutes

Equalizer! A routine goal by [Insert name of side they are playing] after rather launching the ball into Arsenal’s box.

Post Match:

Arsene Wenger

“It was a good performance.”


“So what do you think of your title hopes now that you have dropped another 2 points?”

Arsene Wenger

“We must keep fighting, Manchester United will drop points so we must be there when they do.”


“What do you think of the Gael Clichy sending off?”

Arsene Wenger

“It wasn’t a red card, he went for the ball.”


“and of the [Insert name of team Arsenal are playing]‘s penalty claim”


“I did not see it”

Submitted by Two Liverpool Fans

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