The Darron Gibson – Twitter Debate

By on April 30, 2011

Darron Gibson TwitterLast weekend saw a flurry of headlines about Darron Gibson and how he signed up to Twitter but then was hounded off it 2 hours later due to a minority of Manchester United fans giving him stick.

My instinct would be to believe that this is not the real reason he left. Yeah the part with him signing up to Twitter is true but do you honestly believe that he left it due to the abuse he was getting?

This man is a professional footballer who no doubt is well used to slagging from opposition crowds at this stage. I’m sure he is also fully aware that he is never going to please every Man Utd fan either.

You could guarantee that when Rooney or Ferdinand signed up to twitter that they also received a barrage of abuse and still do on a regular basis, albeit maybe not from their own fans, but I am sure they expected it and just focused on the positives.

If Gibson was upset, and thats a big IF, then he had only need to look at the reaction of Utd fans afterwards. These are the real fans who support their club and all of their players no matter the circumstances who started a trend to get Gibson back onto Twitter within hours of him leaving.

Rio Ferdinand and Johny Evans both came out during the week to say that he didn’t leave for any other reason only he wasn’t that bothered due to the amount of times his phone was beeping with incoming tweets. This is what I would like to believe as the truth. I would rather listen to those 2 than any tabloid newspaper and their presumptions as they train and talk to him every day.

As for the fans who did barrage Gibson with abuse well what can you say? I would never do it, I would at least wait till they left the club!

What fans said to Darron Gibson on Twitter

The fans in question are entitled to their opinions but whether they should publicly abuse a player is another question? All this man is doing is playing for the club where he grew up at and living out his dream. I am sure in the back of his mind he laughs at these nobodies who call him ‘shit’, as if their opinion really matters!

The only opinions that should matter to him are Fergies and the players he works with. If they all respect him then eventually the majority of fans will too. Gibsons best playing days are ahead of him, maybe he is better off without the Twitter account as a destraction for the moment!

Do you think fans were right to abuse Gibson like they did?

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  1. Limbu

    April 30, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    Those fans(Man Utd’s) who abused Gibson are idiots. Brainless Twats. Full of shit. Douchebags. Do those people even knows what supporting a club means?

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  3. D9

    May 2, 2011 at 7:34 am

    I love all of players when they wear United’s shirt even Kleberson, Veron, Djemba-Djemba or William Prunier!!! So if Fergie believe in Gibbo, I have no complain. I support everyone in Red shirt.

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