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Players Showing No Heart Is A Worry As Gunners In Danger Of Coming Fourth

I guess not many of us would imagine in early March that we would be in a position to lose third place to Manchester City. In the last nine games since the beginning of March, we have only gotten 11 points from a possible 27.  I thought last season’s collapse was bad, but this year it is worse. Although we got a morale boosting victory over Man United, it came to nothing because we lost to Stoke the week after.

In previous years, we always falter when we were up against the likes of Man United and Chelsea. This year we managed to split the series with both of the teams but failed to beat the likes of Newcastle, Blackburn, Sunderland and West Brom. In fact we only got 3 points from a possible 12 against the Northeast sides of Newcastle and Sunderland. It is no wonder that we lost all the title initiative and now might even lose third place to the Citizens.

What’s most disappointing for me really is the attitude of some players. I chose not to write for a while because I was totally frustrated with some players in the Arsenal team. The manager has come under a lot of flak but I would also question the heart of the players. You can see that Arsene is extremely passionate about the club but that cannot be said of some players. I would be glad to see these players packing their bags in the summer because obviously their hearts are not with the team.

Let’s see if the bollocking that Arsene gave to the team after the Stoke defeat will bring any chance in attitude of the players come Sunday.

Submitted by The Arsenal Kid

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. samuel

    May 15, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    So who exactly are the players who haven,t been performing while being paid
    handsomely to do just that,perform,Kid as
    you don,t mention them,why not,Arshavin,
    Walcott,Sagna,Clichy, 4 players i can name ,your turn now,but don,t say Denils
    on ,Rosicky,Diaby and Chamakh as they hardly played this season,give it your best shot then?

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