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Spurs Show What They Are Capable Of After Months Of Complacency

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Amazing isn’t it? One result, albeit very good result and a half decent performance later and all the Harry haters are silenced. Well, not quite.

The one thing I’ve been trying to get across all season is the majority of fans don’t hate Harry. Most, if not all, appreciate what he’s done since he arrived at the club. How could you not? Only a fool would have thought he would bet and win on Spurs being in a Champions League quarter Final in 2011 when we got 2 points from 8 games at the start of the 2010 season before Harry arrived. The foundation was already laid for his arrival when you look at the squad he inherited but he still had to do the job and he did it fantastically. Anyone who says differently is quite simply wrong or trying to wind a TalkSPORT presenter up.

However, far from silencing those fans who have been disappointed with the way the season has finished, our first win at Anfield since 1993 has highlighted just what this team is capable of and provided more questions than answers. Equally as important as the 3 points were in the chase for the Europa League spot (I’m not going to go into whether you want it or not), the win should give everyone renewed hope for next season.

Liverpool were far from the excellent team they’ve been in recent weeks and thankfully we weren’t the poor, lackluster team we’ve been but it showed it doesn’t matter how much other teams spend in transfer windows, we’ve got the quality to compete with all of them and with the addition of a few quality players in the summer there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be looking to do exactly that next season.

Belief is a huge thing in football and with wins at Anfield, the Emirates and the San Siro there’s no reason why this team shouldn’t realise how good they are. Or at least have the potential to be. The only barriers left are Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge and judging by this season’s games it won’t be long before those are lifted too, leaving no venue to be feared. With the exception of the Reebok of course which will remain a hoodoo for us as long as Kevin Davies is playing for Bolton.

Quite why the team has gone off the boil in the last couple of months I don’t know. It’s something we’ll probably never know. Tiredness, physical and mental perhaps from a first season in the Champions League? Pressure as we tried to get a top 4 place? Complacency when facing teams in the bottom half? We clearly step up when facing a team we know will offer competition compared to those we believe we’ll beat in first gear.

I stand by what I’ve always said that we should be in a higher position in the table than we have ended up. For whatever reasons we’ve dropped too many points in crucial games but the ability is there as proven on Sunday. More so than City and Liverpool. Accepting 5th or 6th place isn’t the right way to go about things which is where some of the respect for Redknapp has been lost. Whether you think we can’t compete on a regular basis with those teams above us who have more money or not is fine, but this season as a one off we have competed with them as we did last season. That’s two season’s we’ve competed with teams who can outspend us in every transfer market and this season’s dropped points can be easily identified. Fix those next season and we’ll compete once again and before you know it that’s three seasons back to back and the money and stadium excuses are no longer valid just as they aren’t now.

Finishing outside the top 4 has nothing to do with how much Man City, Chelsea or anyone else spend on players. It has nothing to do with playing in the Champions League when you consider others have done the same or even more in the Europa League. All winning at Anfield does against a Liverpool side on the up is confirm we’re good enough to be in the top 4 and that the only excuse is we’ve taken our eye off the ball in the last couple of months. As soon as Redknapp admits that, then the haters will be silenced and the team will no doubt go onto bigger and better things as a result.



  1. ParkLane67

    May 17, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    I liked your reasoning – we have indeed got the players good enough to compete and for the most part, Harry’s got us playing the right way. The only problem I’ve had with Harry is his recent habit of talking down our chances and talking up the opposition (perhaps this is to take the pressure off but I still don’t like it and I bet Daniel Levy doesn’t appreciate it either). I think that perhaps the problems we’ve had this season have been due to Harry’s insistence on always playing the “best” side available instead of mixing it up a little to keep players fresh. As a result, key players were tired or injured for critical games and our “fringe” players weren’t sharp when they were called upon. Last season was part of a learning curve – perhaps we’ll use the squad more effectively next season.

    • alex john

      May 17, 2011 at 7:31 pm

      Yeah that is exactly what has happened….
      couldn’t have said it better.
      If we need uefa next season, use the benchwarmers too…

  2. JohnM

    May 17, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    Good article. Can’t help feeling if we had
    a more tactically efficient manager we would have done a lot better this season than we did.

  3. Colin Cape Town

    May 17, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    Excellent article. We have the potential and a squad good and big enough to challenge for top honours. There are two things to consider – our mental approach and squad rotation. I foresee a good 2011/2012 season. Great news about the visit to RSA!

  4. Shannon

    May 17, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    The reasons for our poor end to the season was all that, and also a big dose of plain BAD LUCK! Consider the decisions against Chelsea. And Blackpool. And that stunning equaliser by West Brom. We’ll be back.

  5. Mattyboy

    May 17, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    I definately dont hate harry, i love him in fact! its so nice to have a manger you can understand and with a personality! He makes it feel like a family club again! its easy to pick at his tactics and moan when you strive for perfection, but he had the sense to try plaing bale at Left wing and hes looked like one of the most dangerous players in the world! from the unfortunate young boys first leg tie on the plastic pitch he has inspired them to come back from it and seems to be get his message across when things arent going our way! the never say die attitude we have demonstrated on quite a few occasions ecspecially at the emirates was from my experience unheard of by our teams of the past, the days of capitulating and being beaten by the big teams mentally before even setting a foot on the pitch because we thought we were inferior are gone. We now generally have a winning mentality and believe we have a chance against anyone. That attitude can not be bought its something that needs to be instilled in the players by the manager so i commend redknap for that aswell. Although we lost in the champions league easily to Real, I believe the idiocy of crouch never gave us a realistic chance at this level. But the belief we have gained from the results against AC and Inter will be invaluable for the future and with the cofidence we play. This, in a way that we can learn from is the reason we drew all those games against the mediocrity that ultimately cost us CL qualification. We were so up for the big games and confidence was so high, when it came to playing the lower teams we simply were not excited enough in comparison to the CL games. I believe we thought we would win these lower profile teams with out actually putting in the same effort, and this is complacency! but we should learn from this, our first season in CL was a most enjoyable adventure, and the happiest and most optimistic i have felt being a spurs fan. I believe our squad has a ‘triffic’ team spirit and the players genuinly look like they enjoy playing together and get on. Our best players Modric, vdv, bale do not want to leave, because they are happy. Harrys man management is crucial to our improvement this season. i also believe that we have our most talented squad in recent years and play attractive football. the fact we are picking up players like sandro from brazil gives me confidence that were not just waiting for west ham to get relegated and so we can pick up their avergage players for 2 bob. I think for what its worth we can win the Europa League next season with some additions , and that would be one more trophy than arsenal will get and an oppurtunity to rotate the squad and give some young players a chance. We were perfectly placed in the league and Europe in January and the Striking additions that never came was a naivecase of wasting a glorius oppurtunity to consolidate our position in europes elite competition, but we got it so so wrong, but again if we learn from this in the summer, get whats required and have a real crack at the league next year i will be happy.

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